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Advertising contracts

FINSOF is not responsible for the content of any notices that have been placed by government agencies, national, state or municipal. Similarly, other opinions from Courts of Justice, Military Organs, Private Organizations, national or international; Associations of third parties, Political groupings, Advertising placement systems, Natural Persons or any other entity. On the other hand, such said notices by such said entities are the only ones responsible for any content and its legal effect against third parties.

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In Adition to User Agreement Regarding Advertising

Above all, do not act or refrain from acting by any information found this site. Likewise, any actions or decisions about personal legal rights are be based on the particular facts and circumstances.

FINSOF collects User information to improve User’s online experience, and to communicate about products, services, and promotions. The company does not sell or rent User’s personal information to third parties. However, the company does share User’s information with third parties that provide services on Company’s behalf.

FINSOF expressly disclaims all liability concerning actions taken or not taken based upon any information or other contents of this site. FINSOFs content and features include means to submit a question or information for advertising and lead generation.

User also Agree

Visiting FINSOF and registering for its content and features, users agree to receive: promotions, emails, and phone calls from 3rd party service providers in contract with FINSOF. Advertising, promotions and other adds are done by the website, partners an 3rd party service providers on a daily basis. For example, advertising comes from banners, adds and other related sources. Users, however, have the right to unsubscribe from FINSOF at any time from its advertising and new seller promotions. Moreover, FINSOF does not guarantee confidentiality if the user is using unknown web browsers.

In addition, FINSOF reserves the right to restrict access to any user who will try and breach the website by using hack’s, exploits or any other 3rd party malicious software.