Altcoins – Top 4 Altcoins with Potential


October might be the month where you rethink in what to invest

Altcoins to invest in Q4 of 2018 with massive potential. Today we will analyze 4 altcoins with very big potential. The purpose of this analysis is to understand why those altcoins are standing out. Time to collect the fruits of our labor since the projects some invested in are about to deliver finished products.

altcoinsThe following analysis is both technical and fundamental where one might be stronger than the other. Altcoins is the future of investments and if we believe in the projects or not it’s on us. The current generation and ones to follow will invest in their future. While some might disagree the reality is we have to stop making decisions for future generations.

The first altcoin that came on the radar is Elastos (ELA)


Not many have heard about it and its currently low cap altcoins. Elastos is relatively new in the crypto space known as generation 3 cryptocurrency. Elastos is actually aiming to be three things. Number one: becoming the internet of the future.

Much like substratum, they’re aiming to be decentralized internet on the blockchain. Giving us back ownership of data and digital assets. Why do we need a new internet? Because the big problem we are facing right now is companies like Amazon and Facebook and Google. Such companies are controlling our data and privacy, therefore monetize anyway they wish.

Number two: aiming to be a virtual machine to run Dapps. We all know Ethereum the original Dapp platform. Elastos wants to be a better more scalable more efficient, Dapp platform.

Number three: becoming an operating system for the internet of things devices.

The second on the long list of Alternative cryptos is Zilliqa (ZIL)

altcoinsFrom all kind of tokens, Zilliqa was engineered ready for scalability from the very beginning. By implementing in it a shorting design which could smooth the process of millions of transactions per second. The network simply increases the number of active nodes in proportion to the number of transactions.

Ensuring it can always meet transaction demands no matter how numerous they become. Essentially solving the scalability problem.

Let’s be honest there is a problem with Bitcoin and Ethereum. They can’t handle volume there to slow and expensive. While many altcoins are aiming to solve the scalability problem, what makes Zilliqa different. Well, this altcoin is using sharding while all altcoins just talk about it. Sharding separates the processing power of the information into different shards making a whole lot easier and faster.

Third in line is Binance altcoin (BNB)

altcoinsDoes that surprise anybody? Honestly, we can see that binance altcoin is only quality. Among all altcoins, binance altcoin will do very well in the upcoming bull run. Seams like an altcoin but what does it do? Well, using BNB as exchange token the fees are close to nothing. Every purchase or sale of altcoins you receive a significant discount.

If you own this altcoin for the next 4 years you will have a significant discount. Binance is the number one exchange at the moment it’s doing the most trading volume. While altcoins saw their highest back in December and dropping close from where they started Binance occupies a well deserved up place.

VeChain (VET) the forth altcoin on this list

altcoinsThe most valuable supply chain management altcoins in terms of market cap. Like all other altcoins, VeChain (VET) will solve a problem and improve the blockchain ecosystem. What is interesting right now about this altcoin is the rebranding. With the same name and a different symbol, VEN created confusion.

The difference, VeChain left Ethereum platform VEN and it’s using VeChainThor’s native one VET. In terms of profitability, well this altcoin got more attention with the swapping from VEN to VET. Altcoins usually benefit from burnouts or resupply. They strategically partnered with BMW and PWC and more partnerships under development.

Other altcoins that can turn out to be profitable

I won’t name altcoins that have potential to give two or three times returns on investment.  Allow me to explain why: first and foremost, try to understand the projects and what altcoins are designed to improve. Altcoins have a tendency for volatility, however, if you’re not educated enough to differentiate the implications and risk when investing. DON’T DO IT! Again altcoins are not made to make you a millionaire overnight but bring stability and less expensive transactions.

Also, the investment is for future generations, we all have kids or grandchildren. However, this type of investment takes time to mature and maybe we won’t be here to witness it. Finally, a piece of advice is investing in your kids’ future and stop chasing money, might sound absurd but is the reality.

Like always I wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!