Artificial Intelligence on Blockchain


Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence on a Larger Scale

Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence is the most wanted technology by humanity, however, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is warning everyone. Elon Musk’s genius ideas are well renowned by many developers and inventors. He is warning us about the dangers of using artificial intelligence. His warnings cannot be easily dismissed. During an interview Musk stated that, artificial intelligence scares the hell out of him. His warnings are not based on fiction but facts. He developed his own artificial intelligence interacting with video games where his “BOTS” learned how to play the game on a competitive level. Achieving such performance in a very short time worried many World Champions in the competitive gaming industry. We are facing the artificial intelligence that managed to learn data in six weeks, which in comparison, humans learnt in hundreds of hours. Humanity is already at the stage where artificial intelligence proved its existence and power.

Artificial Intelligence in the Gaming Industry

World champions were defeated by Elon’s artificial intelligence in competitive games. What took professional gamers years and tens of thousands of hours in developing strategies, were achieved in weeks by Elon’s artificial intelligence BOTS. Gamers faced artificial intelligence and lost 1 vs 1 duel and 5 v 5 duels in minutes on many occasions. Similarly, world champions in gaming recognize artificial intelligence as valuable assets in their training. However, Elon is scared of his own creation and stated, “Artificial intelligence will be used as weapons of mass destruction.” The thought is scary enough, because artificial intelligence initially was designed to learn, adapt and develop countermeasures.

You will agree with me on this statement:

What if the A.I will decide one day that we are the cause of wars, hunger, diseases and eradicate us. Who will be able to stop it?

I encourage you to read more about artificial intelligence and watch “The Terminator” again.

We are close but yet so far to fully understand A.I.

Artificial IntelligenceThe use of robots and artificial intelligence might prove to be very beneficial to us. Think about complicated surgeries where a split second can make the difference in saving someone’s life. Similarly, people who suffer from rare diseases or very rare forms of cancer. At the same time eliminating the human error or fatigue when operating for hours.

Let’s get back to what really interests us, blockchain and cryptocurrency

How will artificial intelligence build our wealth? Well, lets think about it for a second. For instance, we will not worry about the timing on when to buy or sell a digital currency. Eliminating human error or miscalculations when trading makes it virtually impossible to fail. A.I. will prove to be the ultimate upgrade for traditional “BOTS”. So far, we used robots in our trades and somewhat the outcome was nothing brilliant.

The reason behind it is that traditional “BOTS” are focusing only on the technical side of trades. A.I. “BOTS” learns from mistakes faster. For instance, the ability to apply advanced trading strategies using both fundamental and technical analysis.

Scary as it might sound, this is the future

Artificial IntelligenceTrading crypto nowadays is done manually or with the use of traditional “BOTS” where human error is estimated to 85%. Imagine if you had the power at your fingertips and used artificial intelligence for your trades.

This might sound far-fetched but realistically speaking, artificial intelligence will benefit us greatly in many fields. Investing in cryptocurrencies without any knowledge or experience will be irrelevant. Imagine a world of trading, where artificial intelligence will carry out trades on your behalf, building your portfolio and wealth.

Probably every trader’s dream is to make millions in short amounts of time. Similarly, investing as little as possible and expecting 1000% returns. Only one thing is for certain, cryptocurrencies will ultimately become the only form of “money” used globally.

It is safe to assume that A.I. will play its part in all future developments. Meanwhile, let’s focus on our trades and build the capital we desire, slowly but surely.

In conclusion, manual trading or traditional bots is literally the only tools to use for now. As a result, we are all waiting patiently for A.I.’s.

Like always I wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!