BAT Crypto – A Brief Introduction


    The BAT crypto (Basic Attention Token) is a cryptocurrency that is built on the Ethereum blockchain and makes use of Brave Browser as its networking platform. With so much potential of changing the advertising industry, the coin cannot go unnoticed. Today we will look at what BAT crypto is and what makes it so unique and worth talking about.

    What is BAT crypto?

    BAT is an ethereum based cryptocurrency that aims to upgrade digital advertising and make it more efficient. How it intends to do this is through the development of a new token that advertisers, users and publishers can exchange amongst themselves. Traditionally organisations have been giving money to large platforms such as facebook, google, youtube and so on to advertise their products and services.

    The problem is that half the time these consumers are not interested in these ads and find them rather annoying, or not motivated to view them. This is where the combination of Brave Browser and BAT crypto comes in. While Brave blocks the ads by default and makes them available for users to view when they feel like it; the users are paid or rewarded in BAT crypto.

    What is Brave Browser?

    Brave is a free browser that allows users to view online content and run web apps. The main attribute of Brave that differentiates it from other Browers is its ability to block ads from other websites and sell them on its network so to speak.

    Special features offered by BAT crypto

    A Better Experience

    The matching of ads to the right user is done within the system, so there is no need to go to external servers each time a page loads. Hence there is less data used, better battery life, faster browsing and ultimately a good experience.


    BAT crypto is privacy-based, so with that, any information used to match ads stays within the device; and any third party is automatically blocked.

    Better ad-matching

    Brave is equipped with enough user data including URLs, keywords used for search, active tabs etc.; so it is easy to conclude whether or not are prepared to receive any offers.

    What are the differences between BAT crypto and other cryptocurrencies?

    The soul of BAT crypto is its Brave Browser; therefore, most of the features that differentiate it has to do with what Brave is capable of.

    1. Brave browser is to privately analyse what the user is interested in according to the sites they visit more frequently. So Brave will pay the publishers of these sites with BAT crypto. And in the end, the more users publishers attract with their content, the more their revenue; and of course the users receive their fair share of BAT crypto for participating.

    2. The sole purpose of Brave, unlike any other Browser, is to block trackers and malware alike.

    3. Furthermore, Brave also helps reduce fraud by typing advertisers with the knowledge they have on users attention.

    4. Brave is also different from other browsers in that it creates a user-friendly experience for consumers. It also makes the process more robust and secure by using blockchain to block trackers and ads.

    Conclusion-is BAT crypto a good investment?

    BAT crypto unlike most cryptocurrencies is quite straightforward and has a working product. Moreover, the person leading the project is the one who created the famous Firefox Browers. Quite impressive!

    BAT crypto has a growing community that is enthusiastic about its future. The use case is straight to the point and could change the advertising industry for the better. Therefore, you can see a lot of value in BAT crypto right off the bat. However, the development process has been pretty slow due to a few issues behind the scenes. So for that reason, I would hold off on investing right now and keep an eye on it a little while longer.