Best Cryptocurrency Today, PAL   


After a three-day analysis the best cryptocurrency today is Pal Network (PAL)

best cryptocurrency todayThe best cryptocurrency today is Pal Network because of its overall performance and market cap for the whole month. PAL got our attention while analyzing other coins with its outstanding performance in generating almost $9 million in traded volume. Why is PAL the best cryptocurrency today? Simply put is the best crypto that mitigates elements of conflict in traditional, centralized insurance models. Another key element is the token shield that protects the price drops for 24 hours. And if you’re still not convinced PAL is the best cryptocurrency today, let’s go into more details. Even though is a fairly new cryptocurrency, PAL started its token sale in the first quarter of 2018. Our best cryptocurrency today managed to gather funds fast pushing the development further on. Second quarter PAL launched PoC on ETH testnet and payments by PAL, claim submission and receiving claims.

Third quarter pushed PAL on accelerating the development

best cryptocurrency todayOur best cryptocurrency today introduced updates on supernodes andmaster nodess. Because of that PAL also released the CryptoProtect and FlightDelay pushing the price of the token higher. On 1st of October 2018, the listing price was $0,0047 (not even a cent). But the best cryptocurrency today reached at a price of $0.012and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Keep in mind that our pick on the best cryptocurrency today PAL, is a fairly new token and its launch was done on a bearish market. That said, collecting data in terms of market cap and traded volume you will clearly understand why PAL is the best cryptocurrency today. Moving onward, the potential of this coin is massive because of current market conditions and a brand new technology. Our best cryptocurrency today PALs protocol is built with two layers: Public (DAG) and Private (PoSA).

Historical data for our best cryptocurrency today PAL

best cryptocurrency todayOn this analysis, we will refer at the listing price vs current price, market cap and traded volume. The best cryptocurrency today started with a price of $0.004798 on 1st of October 2018. The highest value was $0.005027 and the lowest of $0.004524 overall the closing price was higher than the opening $0.004916. Our best cryptocurrency today generated on its first day a total volume of $789,930 and a market cap of $1,980,064. The following two weeks the average price was $0.004723 and a total volume of over $600,000. The best cryptocurrency today managed to score an average of $1,825,076. On the date of 26 October 2018 the best cryptocurrency today skyrocketed. They released PAL protocol on the Mainnet and development of secure web wallets and dashboards. Prices went as high as $0.012748, the volume of $3,781,550 and a market cap of over $5 million.

Best cryptocurrency today PAL over $10 million in traded volume

best cryptocurrency todayThe exact traded volume today is at $10,023,80 with a market cap of $5,383,346. PAL is indeed the best cryptocurrency today and hopefully in the future. Another key factor why we believe PAL will become even stronger is that after only one month 11 exchanges listed the token. If we go back and do some more research, very few tokens benefit from such attention. Very important to remember is the aspect of total coin supply and circulating supply. Because the best cryptocurrency today has almost half of its total supply in circulation points to a demand of the token. PALs total supply is 1 billion and the exact circulating supply is 449 million. Not bad for a month old token. PAL Network is indeed the best cryptocurrency today and overall this month.


Because of current bear market conditions, very few tokens manage to perform so well not to mention outshine iconic tokens such as BTC, ETH, XRP and many others.

Our best cryptocurrency today earned its first place as the best month performer considering all trading aspects.

PAL is still relevant for long term investment not because of how it performed so far but because of a brand new WORKING technology.

People who invested in the best cryptocurrency today made already 150% returns on their investment where analysis point to even greater value for the coin by the end of 2018.

Like always I wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!