Bitcoin Gold – What is BTG?


What is BTG? Bitcoin Gold, like all other cryptocurrency forks of all types, are now occurring more frequently. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have had a lot of different branches and duplication in this way. One of the most talked about forks happened in late 2017.

Bitcoin gold is basically a fork of the original cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Mining has since been a significant component of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from the commencement of bitcoin (BTC). The technology applied to the mining of coins has been developing rapidly. However, hardware has increasingly become prohibitive and expensive. The aim of

Bitcoin Gold is to fix this domination of mining by professional companies with the alteration of the algorithm used for solving blocks.

What is BTG, Bitcoin Gold?

what is btgBitcoin Gold is a community-driven project developed as a hard fork of bitcoin an innovative proof-of-work Algorithm. The primary purpose of this is to have bitcoin mining be decentralized yet again.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s principled vision of “one CPU one vote” remains outdated by a reality ruled by very little entities. Some of these have gotten involved in aggressive practices against miners and the entire bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Gold offers an opportunity for a lot of new people all over the world to take part in the mining process. They have a chance to participate with consumer hardware that is widely available and is created and distributed by reliable mainstream companies.

A more independent and decentralized mining structure is more resilient and more in tune with Satoshi’s initial vision. Bitcoin lovers will agree with me when I say “ we want BTC to be an independent and shared currency.

That is why bitcoin Gold exists, to take bitcoin mining back to the “people.”

The Bitcoin Gold organization is there to back the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold in particular as well as the general cryptocurrency space. The future operations and the current operations receive funds from crypto endowment kept in multi-sig time-locked wallets.

Bitcoin Gold is a cryptocurrency that came to be in 2017 as a fork of the BTC blockchain. Since bitcoin Gold started as a fork, it comprises of the entire transaction History of the bitcoin blockchain up to the fork date. This includes the precise balances of bitcoins held in wallets all over the world. Whichever wallet address having a bitcoin balance right before the fork held a balance equivalence of bitcoin Gold directly after the fork.

The original bitcoin blockchain, as well as the new bitcoin Gold blockchain, continue independently after the fork. Not hindered nor affected by each other. A new cryptocurrency emerged from this progression.

In a Nutshell

what is btgWhat is BTG? Bitcoin Gold is a new type of cryptocurrency that resulted from a bitcoin hard fork. Bitcoin Gold is intended to exceed the decentralization of Bitcoin.

The founder of bitcoin Gold is Jack Liao – CEO of ASIC the mining software company lightning with its headquarters in Hong Kong. Bitcoin Gold makes use of the same PoW consensus algorithm as bitcoin. The key difference between them is the usage of the Equilash hash Algorithm rather than the SHA 256. This is to avert Bitcoin Gold mining except if it is done using ASIC equipment.

The price of bitcoin also depends on the buyers’ interest and even though many bitcoin holders had exchanged their crypto for BTG when it first began. Bitcoins future is still not known since it is just ranked 20th by market cap.

SHA-256 vs Equihash

The significant modification in Bitcoin Gold is selecting a different hashing algorithm which makes proof of work more challenging for ASICs. This happens when a hashing algorithm needs more memory (RAM) to complete. Since the basis of ASICs is pure processing power, needing more memory blocks their processing capability. This makes small-time mining competitive on GPUs.

The existing, ASIC-powered Bitcoin blockchain utilizes a hashing algorithm called SHA-256 for its proof of work. The creator of Bitcoin Gold uses an algorithm known as Equihash instead. Alex Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich established Equihash as an ASIC-resistant algorithm. It has already been successful powering other cryptocurrencies. Zcash is the most popular.

In the End

Shifting to Equihash would make Bitcoin mining more dispersed, and that is the only alteration that Bitcoin Gold offers for the network. Mining concentration is a problem on the Bitcoin blockchain. But with miners banning some operators or giving preference to particular transactions, the power these central miners can wield is limited. It is not certain that mining centralization has affected bitcoin negatively.

If it did, the Bitcoin central developers might implement Equihash by themselves, basically firing all bitcoin blockchain ASIC miners. The prospect of losing tonnes of money they invested in their mining hardware to an algorithm alteration is sufficient to keep the miners on the network honest.

Does (BTG) Bitcoin Gold Compete with Bitcoin?

Even though Bitcoin Gold is the bitcoin blockchain’s hard fork, it does not compete with bitcoin. Though other hard forks, such as Bitcoin Cash, cannibalized several miners from the Bitcoin network to work on the different blockchain. (BTG)Bitcoin Gold’s anti-ASIC algorithm means almost none of Bitcoin’s present miners will switch to mining BTG.

what is btgHowever Bitcoin Gold competes with anti-ASIC cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum for mining power. This kind of network mining comes as smaller-scale GPU mining. The issue for Bitcoin Gold is the other anti-ASIC cryptocurrencies that have a long history and are more predictable. It is not certain why a miner may want to change to BTG unless the cost per BTG surges.

The one benefit of bitcoin gold is its wide dispersal. Everybody received on the bitcoin network will be given bitcoin Gold. Therefore there is potential for.


Now, as you know what is btg, you can clearly explain the phenomenon to others as well. Generally, bitcoin experts have agreed that Bitcoin Gold does not offer enough originality to license an independent investment.

Even though it surely does sting a little to hold on to your free bitcoin gold that you get from the fork, wait for the dust to settle before you decide to purchase more.