Blockchain App Market – It is the way to go. Why?


Currently, the App market is somewhat complex and big players centralise both the download, use and advertisement of those apps that developers have spent so much time creating. Why would we all benefit from a blockchain app market?

With the Infographic in below, we summarise the benefits of a Blockchain-based App market.

The following sectors would improve with Blockchain App market:

  • App Approval
  • No Middlemen
  • In-App Purchase
  • Transparency
  • Data Security

blockchain app market

How to build a blockchain application

Blockchain apps are also called DApps. These type of applications do not have servers that play any kind of role as a middleman in any of the different steps of an app download, purchase or data storage.

As with the rest of the blockchain technology, DApps have many benefits and are increasingly growing and gaining popularity. Some of the industries that are investing more in the development of Decentralized Blockchain-based apps are:

Games, Gambling, Wallets, Finance and Crypto exchanges. To navigate among many apps using the blockchain technology you can visit