Blockchain crowdfunding for Pledgecamp ICO


Blockchain crowdfunding – Where is Pledgecamp ICO at present after the “FUSS” on crowdfunding 2.0 and the latest news on the project

Blockchain crowdfunding and it’s multi-billion dollar market approached in 2015 more than $34 billion in volume.

Major investors and financial advisors predicts a growth up to $300 billion, where Goldman Sachs predicts an even higher figure. Crowdfunding demonstrated the potential in global growth, becoming in the future main drive in domestic and economic wealth. The whole idea of crowdfunding and blockchain is to help decentralize the exclusivity of investment opportunities.

Successful crowdfunding is Oculus Rift who deals in the virtual reality industry and sold after two years to Facebook for $2 billion. Another honorable mention is Pebble Smartwatch who raised well over $30 million from investors.

Smart and efficient way to make the audience shift towards the crowdfunding of Pledgecamp

blockchain crowdfundingRandi Zuckerberg CEO of Zuckerberg Media, explains us her “DREAM” regarding the project. Having strong marketing connections and all the exposure a good project can get it is safe to assume, Pledgecamp will be the first of its kind. That said we need to wait and see how the development ends and probably new assets joining the good cause.

Going over their whitepaper Randi shares her statement on the project:

“It’s time to make crowdfunding available across the globe. Taking intermediaries out who still get paid even if a project doesn’t happen. Incentivize everyone to be aligned for a vision of entrepreneurship”.

The problem of crowdfunding nowadays

After the “BIG DADDY”, Bitcoin and coin market as a whole, many new ICO’s on the blockchain came to existence. The issues of crowdfunding today are TRUST, because of so many ICO launches many didn’t succeed. Let’s wrap our head around it for a minute, basically you give your money to strangers and pray for the best.

In terms of security not many ICO suffered hacks and reports of such operations where done from wallets not the blockchain itself. Crowdfunding must me highly dependent on the project and the improvement of the blockchain ecosystem.

In summary, crowdfunding serves an immense need with important future economic and social potential. However, today’s centralized execution of the model is failing to meet the changing needs of the global market.

Projects are failing because of focusing on the wrong area. Instead of spending money on flashy banners,videos or advertisements but hiring ore young developers to push the product.

Introducing Pledgecamp with their solution of blockchain powered crowdfunding

Pledgecamp will introduce their decentralized application that offer backer-insurance, adding security and transparency to pledging. That will create financial penalties to creators of ICO’s that will not deliver the promised solution.

Creators will need to deposit on the blockchain with the native cryptocurrency “Pledge Coin” (PLG) in order to list their campaign. The deposit can be earned back when creators will disclose the protection of backers. Such as KYC (know your client) and engaging with backers on live chats increasing transparency.

In order for this project to succeed “BACKERS” will have to decide what ICO they support on the Pledge platform. NOTE that other projects outside this platforms, investors will not receive “BACKER Insurance” if the ICO will fail to deliver when crowdfunding.

Pledgecamp introduces Smart Crowd

Backers, are sitting back and wait for projects to deliver but with Pledgecamp they will become something more. Within the platform where crowdfunding takes place, backers will be active in the campaigns.

Empowering backers to contribute on blockchain projects with their unique set of skills and being rewarded for that. Airdrops and bounty hunts will no longer be the trend on receiving free tokens. Reducing the time and talent wasted on such ventures, backers can help develop the solution of a blockchain problem.

The design of Pledgecamp campaigns share many of the elements current crowdfunding users would be familiar with—a video, page description, funding goal, duration, project description, and other basics.

Latest news regarding Pledgecamp

Beside the usual talks on social media, Pledgecamp have yet to publish any updates on how development is occurring. However, a lively community of 15.000 telegram active users can answer any of your questions. Admins and moderators are always there to explain anything you need to know. How’s that for customer-support?!

Probably with a ready product, Pledgecamp can publish the actual working platform and it is safe to assume that it will separate themselves from the other unsuccessful projects.

Conclusion of Pledgecamp and the crowdfunding on blockchain

The supreme task of Pledgecamp is to empower backers/investors to choose the ICO’s within the platform.

Having their backing insured even if the ICO fails to deliver the project marketed in the crowdfunding of blockchain.

Truly believing in the future projects of crowdfunding on blockchain can lead to global economic growth and domestic growth. How and if Pledgecamp succeed remains in the hands of backers, and like any other project Pledge needs our support.

Simple, fast and reliable Pledgecamp will make the difference when it comes down to crowdfunding on blockchain.

The above mentioned benefits are just couple of many others but a good start nonetheless in the crowdfunding of blockchain solutions.