Blockchain Smartphone, The Next Generation of Mobiles


Sirin Labs to launch a smartphone based on the blockchain technology.

With a blockchain smartphone the future isn’t waiting for us, available next November.

blockchain smartphone


Several companies like HTC and Huawei are currently planning on integrating blockchain technology with a smartphone. This is also the case for the startup Sirin Labs, whose first model should be marketed from November 2018 at a price of $999 Dollars.

Sirin Labs blockchain smartphone will have a second screen

For a smartphone owner with a digital asset portfolio, the user must follow a relatively simple process. All he has to do is install the appropriate applications and back up his portfolios.

Sirin Labs – along with other companies – will go further by using a device designed for customers who hold crypto currencies and interact with blockchain applications.

Called “Finney”, this blockchain smartphone offers a secondary display dedicated to crypto-transactions. This one is provided by its own firmware and works independently to the rest of the device. It incorporates a “cold storage” system that allows users to securely hold their digital assets.

Equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor and supported with 6 GB of RAM, the device will run Android as an operating system.

Blockchain Smartphone and Predictable Success

The Finney is the name of this blockchain smartphone and it is a good move from Sirin Labs. Hal Finney, a former developer of PGP, is a legendary figure in the crypto sphere. In January 2009, he received the first BTC transaction from network creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

For some observers it is not reasonable to store all crypto curencies on a smartphone regardless of the level of security it offers. It could be a practical solution to place a small portion of the digital assets and make them easier to spend – while traveling for example.

For others, smartphones dedicated to crypto currencies are not likely to become widespread as they do not become popular in the space of a few weeks. They point out that the Bitcoin ecosystem took several years to attract public attention.

Blockchain Smartphone Features

The smartphone developed by Sirin Labs will get:

  • Secure P2P resource sharing
  • A built-in cold storage crypto wallet, it will support the major crypto currencies available
  • The Ledger Consensus

Regarding the protection of the blockchain smartphone:

  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), behavioral based
  • Full Blockchain technology based
  • A physical security switch to protect your wallet
  • System of communications (VoIP, text, email) fully secured

While waiting for November to get this amazing phone feel free to have a look on the mobile application developed by our selected brokers. You could start trading the crypto currencies directly on your device right now.