Institutional investors cryptocurrencies offers

Institutional investors and Cryptocurrency offers

Institutional investors use backdoors to bet on cryptocurrencies According to recent news, several institutional investors and investment funds have already got involved into cryptocurrency offers....
mastercard company

MasterCard company, Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

MasterCard company has elaborated a new patent. It will cover a new payment method and link cryptocurrencies transactions to regular bank accounts.

What is CoinDash (CDT)? Beginner’s Guide

Article by Erin Gorsline. Was originally published at What is CoinDash? CoinDash describes itself as a “crypto-based social trading platform designed to help you create and...

Binance, paying their employees in tokens, such a good idea

Changpeng Zhao is the CEO of Binance, the famous crypto exchange platform. 90% of the employees of his company asked to receive their salary...
south korean government

South Korean government and Blockchain technology

South Korean government is banking on blockchain technology The South Korean government has earmarked a budget of 5 trillion won, around € 3.9 billion and...