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The big protagonist last year was Bit coin. The virtual currency stole the market gazes to reach $15’242.99, a record level, according to Bloomberg prices . A 50% advance only until the first week of December.

Litecoin price

Litecoin Price The Gains and Losses

Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies out there. It was created in 2011 and historical data is available since 2013. Within 5 years...
crypto regulation

Crypto regulation, overview between certification and prohibition

European Securities and Market Authorities may soon regulate some ICOs The European Securities and Market Authorities could put in place a crypto regulation framework around...
crypto forecast bitcoin

Crypto forecast, estimation for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin price is "about to explode" according to analyst Ran Neuner, the presenter of CNBC's "Crypto Trader", commented recently on Crypto forecast. According to him,...
crypto leadership

Crypto leadership, and global overview in cryptocurrencies industry

Switzerland's Crypto leadership in danger Perched on the podium of cryptocurrency fundraisers in 2017, Switzerland is backing against new competitors. Now looking for avenues to...
crypto foot

Crypto Foot, Blockchain technology and Sport business

The French football club PSG (Paris Saint Germain) will launch its own cryptocurrency. The distribution through sale of tokens should start at the next...