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Crypto coins are everywhere and the main among coins last year was Bitcoin. The virtual currency stole the market gazes to reach $15’242.99, a record level, according to Bloomberg prices. A 50% advance only until the first week of December.

where to buy ripple coin

Where and how to get your hands on Ripple coins!

XRP, or Ripple to us common folk, has been gaining steam for quite some time. As of right now, most are claiming it’s in the...
wallet for crypto

Wallet for crypto, is there an option to rule them all?

Is a wallet for crypto the same as a regular wallet just with some modifications? A flash drive of some sorts? An app, perhaps? Well,...
starbucks crypto

Starbucks Crypto Payments Accepted – And Others Follow Suit

Starbucks crypto – ever wondered when the time would come where you could buy yourself a cup of coffee using Bitcoin? Well, wonder no...