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Bitcoin is the king of all digital currencies with over 53% dominance over the whole crypto market. That said, Bitcoin seems to lose attention because of the new and faster digital currencies.

Hopefully, the KING will emerge once again to a price above $12,000 in 2019.

how to buy bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin

If you think you are on earth and you haven’t heard of bitcoin get a compass!. Bitcoin pops up in the news now more...
what is a bitcoin address

What is a bitcoin address?

Think of it as more like a bank account number, though it is much more than that. It is necessarily a public identifier for...
How to Spend Bitcoins

How to Spend Bitcoins

The current market sentiment it’s in decline with more downs than ups. One of the most asked question is how to spend bitcoins and...

BTC is Dropping – The End of Cryptocurrencies

BTC is dropping to the lowest value this year at 5,447 US dollars. Some of you might argue that those are bad news, however,...
how to mine bitcoin

How to mine bitcoin

HOW TO MINE BITCOIN With the rapid advancement of technology, finance has begun to develop alongside it. In the world we live in today almost...