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Guides are tailormade, step-by-step analysis for specific coins or projects. Investors will find the information useful since we use technical and fundamental analysis to predict the crypto market movement. Similarly, tutoring and mentoring are accessible on demand.

what is a bitcoin address

What is a bitcoin address?

Think of it as more like a bank account number, though it is much more than that. It is necessarily a public identifier for...
Holo chain

Holo chain Apps (apps) the Orbiting Ideas

How can Holo chain change the world with the new developed Apps Holo chain always keeps us updated every few weeks with showcases where they...
how to mine bitcoin

How to mine bitcoin

HOW TO MINE BITCOIN With the rapid advancement of technology, finance has begun to develop alongside it. In the world we live in today almost...

Holochain – HOT Token

Holochain Token Review and Potential Market Prices Holochain was released on May 26, 2018 as the Alpha 1 product and encountered a small delay in...
bitcoin for dummies


Prior to explaining “bitcoin for dummies” let’s begin with defining currency The first steps to explain Bitcoin for dummies would be defining currency as “money currently...