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Mining and cloud mining are two of the most used methods of generating cryptocurrencies. So miners are using powerful computers and carry such heavy tasks 24/7.

bitcoin currency

Bitcoin currency celebrates its 10th anniversary, a Blockchain success

Happy Birthday to Satoshi Nakamoto crypto Baby! October 31, 2018, is the 10th anniversary of the creation by Satoshi Nakamoto of his famous "Bitcoin White...
cryptocurrency litecoin mining

Litecoin mining, Cryptocurrency production and profitability expectation

How to mine Litecoin (LTC)? You want to mine Litecoin, but you do not know how to do it? So we will see how to...
mining investments

Mining investment, Bitmain and the USA

United States: Bitmain to invest $ 500 million in a Texas mining center Bitmain, the leading producer of equipment dedicated to the mining of digital...
bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining, profitability and difficulties

Despite record revenues, bitcoin mining would only be profitable for big players A new study published by the company Diar reveals that if the price...
Institutional investors cryptocurrencies offers

Institutional investors and Cryptocurrency offers

Institutional investors use backdoors to bet on cryptocurrencies According to recent news, several institutional investors and investment funds have already got involved into cryptocurrency offers....