Cloud Mining


It is a type of mining cryptocurrencies that provides a mechanism to carry out the mining without having to install all the required hardware and paraphernalia. Some companies permit people to open an account with their company and carry out cloud mining for a basic price. However, with this process, cloud mining is readily available to a broader number of people from several locations.

The cloud mining process is set up is such a way that as a participant you are included in a mining pool. Moreover, has to do with the purchasing of “hash power” of a certain amount. Every participant has a right to a share of the profits proportional to their allocated hashing power. Since it is via the cloud, it eliminates issues such as maintenance and energy costs.

Cloud mining breakdown

Cloud MiningIt is a type of mining that aids the process of mining via a cloud. Cloud computing, in which services such as, software, database, servers, and storage are accessible over the internet, is one of the fastest growing trends. Companies like these charge depending on the usage.

On another note, mining is the mainstay of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Mining is the way in which new bitcoins are getting is also the way in which transactions are verified and put into the ledger.

These two aspects put together allows mining to be readily available to people in distant locations where technical knowledge is scarce as well as hardware.

Generally, there are three kinds of cloud mining models :

• Virtual host mining
• Hosted mining
• Leased hashing power

How does it work?

Cloud MiningThe process is barely complex, all it requires you to do is to create an account with a cloud mining company on its website and choose options like contract period, hashing power and so on. However, make sure that the mining website you are registering with is reliable. We cannot disregard the fact that fraudulent companies and imposters are still present.

In simple terms, cloud mining eliminates the hassle of handling your hardware and allows you to use the cloud to earn your coins.however, easy as it may seem there are some risks involved in cloud mining that investors need to consider before purchase.

Cloud MiningCloud mining disadvantages

1. There is a significant risk of fraud.
2. The lack of flexibility and control.
3. It is not all that fun to do.
4. Profits may be low because operators need to cover their costs as well.
5. Mining operations are not very transparent.
6. Warnings that mining operations are continually becoming dependant on bitcoin price.

Cloud mining advantages

  1. High profits – it can have you earning up to 400% of revenue on your investment for the year.
  2. You can eliminate the setting up and management of equipment.
    There is no extra cost for electricity.
  3. You don’t have to worry about where to put all your mining equipment once mining is no longer profitable.
  4. Scaling is quick and easy which is very important especially in the long run. There is always the ability to scale capacities in a matter of minutes.

Investing in such ventures implies more research and remember that there are no shortcuts.

In terms of returns, you can see 400% annually with ZERO effort, and that’s not bad at all.