Coin Market Cap – The Complete Guide


How to follow cryptocurrencies and use technical analysis based on prices

Coin Market Cap is the first website to provide real-time updates regarding cryptocurrency prices. The website is easy to use and for those who never used it before, I will explain how it works. Once you first load the page the first thing noticeable is the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

On Coin Market Cap you will be able to customize the view selecting all cryptocurrencies, coins only and tokens only. At the same time, Coin Market Cap implemented other filters to make your search much easier. At the very top of the page, you will notice the total cryptocurrencies available on the blockchain. Showcasing markets, market cap, 24h volume, and BTC dominance. Coin Market Cap provides live charts for all cryptocurrencies and the history since it came to existence.

Moreover, you can apply search filters depending on coin ranking and trending with the option of using global charts and many other watch lists.

Braking down Coin Market Cap’s rankings

Coin Market CapSelf-explanatory here you can select the overall top 100 coins+tokens or separately top 100 coins or top 100 tokens. Coin Market Cap also provides with the top 100 exchanges in terms of Adjusted Volume and Reported Volume.

Coin Market Cap What is important to remember is that those features are in BETA testing and the results provided by Coin Market Cap might be as accurate. Taking a closer look on the bottom of the page we can check when the last update has been made in terms of price and volume. Each cryptocurrency has its own set of filters and views but what stands out is the option to keep your crypto safe. Not only that it encourages users to keep their crypto safe.

But once you click that option Coin Market Cap will redirect you to the most secure wallet on the blockchain, Ledger Nano S. If you’re new, please check my article where we break down wallets.

Individual Coin analysis on Coin Market Cap

Selecting the coin or token you are interested in will open up a new page with more information. Browsing over the options you can buy, trade, get a wallet or a loan from the recommended exchanges for that coin. Probably the most notable option on Coin Market Cap is charting where you can see how the coin performed since its creation.

Coin Market CapAnother amazing feature is the source code and API used by developers or crypto news websites in widgets. On the social tab, users can engage with a massive database of other users on Reddit. Collective efforts are made to improve the original code or even price prediction and other related discussions. Coin Market Cap provides historical data for your favorite cryptocurrency where you can understand its journey up to date. Chose from the 32 available fiat currencies if you need a price of a coin/token converted that way.


While there are many other options besides Coin Market Cap. Not all are viable or accurate and finding a close alternative is coinpaprika. Coinpaprika is subject we will cover in a future article. However comparing both websites, Coin Market Cap holds the upper hand.

Browsing Coin Market Cap is easy, accurate and safe where you can use your own analysis and compare data. Setting resistance and support lines on price action is probably the best analysis you can apply using Coin Market Cap.

I hope this guide will help you in your crypto adventure.

Like always I wish your Happy Trading and Every Success!