Coinmarketcap – Altcoins Review by Finsof


Coinmarketcap and Top Altcoins on the rise with the approach of 4th quarter, coins to look out for future investments and potential capital growth

Coinmarketcap top alt coins determined by fundamental and technical analysis. Today we will be looking at the Crypto Market as a whole. With market gaining in the past 24 hours from 2,33% to 5,29% in the past week.

Analyzing altcoins that have been gaining it is safe to assume others he lost. First of all the total market cap hit 2,47% of $231 Billion. The King: Bitcoin is dominating of 52.69% from the total coinmarketcap.

Therefore the biggest gainers on the “Block” we will also have a look at the ones that lost some percentage because they can be a potential good Buy in September. Like all instruments Altcoins behave the same and a knowledgeable investor always buy low and sells high.

Summing up references from Coinpaprika and coinmarketcap, the aspect of technical analysis is determined by numbers. Another aspect of gains in the market can be fundamental. The news and announcements made for the past week are influencing all the coins.

Judging by the top 10 gainers and losers that are the top 100 coins in terms of traded volume. coinmarketcap we can identify gains from 55,20% for Noah Coin and 12,94% for Neblio with an average of 26.50% from the respective 10 coins. On the losing side we have -29.81% for NIKO and -4.23% for NANO with an average of -9.08% from the respective 10 coins.

Coinbase Survey Shows 18% of US Students Now Own Cryptocurrency increasing slightly the coinmarketcap

Taking a major step towards their future, students in the US own cryptocurrencies showing that they embrace the change. Hence Students are investing in coins from the little they have, points one very strong sentiment. Therefore proving their government and world that “This is our generation future and we will invest in it”.

JPMorgan Chase CIO: “Blockchain Will Replace Existing Technology”


JPMorgan Chase, which is the the biggest in U.S. are stating loud and clear “Blockchain will replace existing technology”. Artificial intelligence will improve more the current process of fighting cyber-crime and fraud.

We all witnessed other changes in the past when it comes down to technology. Developing drones and robots to carry out tasks and eliminate the human errors. Using such developments to cure diseases and fighting war or crime eliminating casualties.

The future is here and will ever evolve even more with endless application in all fields. One major development  in Agriculture will give full control over crops. Using GPS Satellite, mapping parcels to determine temperature and humidity.

Taking the elements from above, both Fundamental and Technical it is safe to assume the growth of coinmarketcap. In fact there we can see that this growth for the past week had little to no correction.

There are no signs of slowing down with the approach of quarter 4 that from a historic point of view was the most prosperous for altcoins. With the start of the Q4 some coins will lose other will gain and the ones with a strong project behind will be successful. Investors will know when to buy and sell coins. Crypto enthusiasts will rush to repeat the same mistakes and purchase coins at they highest price losing on the actual opportunity to see capital growth.

With that i conclude my review for today and i wish you all every success!