Crypto Ethereum, the Crypto Valley and the ICOs


Behind the crypto Ethereum project is a 23-year-old Russian, Vitalik Buterin. After a childhood in Canada, the young prodigy based his project in Switzerland. Precisely in the region of Zug nicknamed the Crypto Valley because of the establishment of many companies active in this field. Already Millionaire in ethers, Vitalik Buterin indicates on the list of these places of residence, the company Cathay Pacific Airlines because he spends most of his time in the air.

Switzerland, Crypto Ethereum foundation and Fintech

Nowadays the interest in virtual currencies is no longer limited to insider circles. The Zurich bank Vontobel issued a Bitcoin-Tracker-Certificate 11 months ago, whose issue volume doubled last March, reports Finanz und Wirschaft.

For its part, the Zuger Crypto Fund announced for the end of the year the issue of an ETF fund (index funds) encrypted currencies, intended initially for institutional investors.

Obviously the digital currencies beat records on record. It is mainly because of a demand always stronger and their price reflects the sums that the investors are ready to pay to acquire. The risks nevertheless remain substantial. No one can say what coin will look like in five or ten years. If the rise of virtual currencies seems certain, we do not know which will dominate and if some will disappear.

There are around 1800 different encrypted currencies around the world, including the Ripple, which is also booming beside the crypto Ethereum. The capitalization of all these currencies currently exceeds 100 billion dollars, more than the market value of UBS or ABB, says Finanz und Wirschaft.

Today, the crypto Ethereum and the other currencies already enjoy wide recognition with companies like and Expedia. Japan accepts BTC as a payment method as well as Australia, while China is studying a new regulation.

However, the bitcoin community faces technical limitations as well as strong internal divisions. His image also suffers from his association with criminal drug deals and ransom demands from hackers.

crypto ethereum

Crypto Ethereum and Markets

Launched only three years ago, the crypto ethereum has not yet been confronted with any scandal. Supported by both geeks and large companies like JPMorgan Chase and Microsoft, the crypto Ethereum extended the use of the blockchain to a new type of global computer network, beyond a simple virtual currency.

According to William Mougayar of Virtual Capital Ventures quoted by the New York Times, the moment when the crypto Ethereum will surpass bitcoin is near. “There is practically nothing that can be done with bitcoin that ether does not allow too. “

A hundred or so companies including Toyota, Merck or Samsung have joined the non-profit organization Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This alliance works to integrate the crypto Ethereum standards into the world of business. The tipping point where the ethericization of the ether must exceed that of bitcoin has already been baptized. Indeed the dedicated website Flippening and Twitter used the hashtag #Theflippening.

ICOs and Co.

The crypto Ethereum is used for purely financial transactions. For example to raise funds for start-ups working from the Ethereum project. It is in this context that the term “initial coin offering” (ICO) was created. For the little story “ICO” echoes to “initial public offering” (IPO). This operation allows entrepreneurs to raise the crypto ethereum that they can convert into dollars.

Then they can use it for their operational expenses. In mid-June, investors injected $ 150 million into the Bancor start-up specializing in virtual currencies. A movement followed with attention because a failure of Bancor would be very bad for the Ethereum project.

Many online platforms make it possible to acquire virtual currencies. These purses auction the quantity of money that the sellers put on sale, on the same principle as e-Bay. The buyer determines the most attractive offer and pays the seller by a transfer to his bank account. The coins are then loaded into an electronic wallet such as Ledger or Trezor. The crypto-wallet stores on the computer key and allow you to trade your currencies. 

It is advisable to turn to the platforms that record the largest volumes of transactions. Finanz und Wirschaft mentions Bitstamp based in Luxembourg.

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