Crypto market cap, New tokens and Most profitable current ICOs


Crypto market cap – Are you looking for a good investment in this cryptocurrencies jungle?

Are you tired of seeing so many startups with no added value and are you looking for ICOs that are relevant, surprising or innovative?

crypto market capCrypto market cap in 2018, let’s have a look at several underrated projects. Here is a selection of high-potential and surprising cryptocurrencies. Then let’s see the best results of famous ICOs.

The following analysis of ICOs are pure facts and under no circumstance, fabrication of news or data manipulation.

Genesis Vision – Crypto Market cap: $ 146M / Supply: 3,726,781 GVT outstanding

It is an all-in-one trading, investing and asset management tool built on the blockchain and using smart-contracts. The different participants are:

Crypto market cap

  • Managers: These are individuals or companies with an exemplary trading history who manage the money of investors. The profit received by the customer will be calculated as a percentage of the overall performance of the manager’s portfolio weighted by the amount contributed. The managers receive a commission for the management of the funds and another commission on the realized profit.
  • Investors: These are platform users who do not trade directly. Instead, they transfer their funds to experienced traders (the managers) who manage their funds for them. Investors are remunerated by the profits of their manager.

GVT has been increasing since February with a peak on March 04 at about 339,000 satoshis ($ 38.6). Its supply is pretty low (3,726,781 tokens currently in circulation). The potential for increase is high. GVT is currently in full swing, the official launch of the product set for April 1st with potential crypto market cap.

Metal (MTL): crypto market cap: $ 96M / Supply: MTL 22,242,464 in circulation

Metal is a “Know-Your-Customer” system based on the Ethereum. It allows the identification of the user (of the Google authentication type) combined with a payment platform that rewards you up to 5% of the total amount when:

  • you convert your own regular currency (euros, dollars …) into MTL
  • you send and spend.

Crypto market capIt’s a way to re-inject coins into the system while rewarding its users. This is what METAL calls “proof-of-processed-payments”. Here you will find a detailed explanation of Metal’s reward process. In addition, Metal can connect to your bank account, and you can pay anywhere with your mobile. NFC (near-field communication) technology will also be implemented to pay without contact.

In their team are former employees of Visa, American Express, Apple, or Stellar. Crypto market cap: METAL course has risen to around $ 13.8 (299,677 satoshis) in September 2017 and has been increasing since the beginning of February this year.

Nexus Earth (NXS) – crypto market cap: $ 180M / Supply: 56,025,494 NXS

Crypto market capNexus allows its users to transfer assets quickly and securely without intermediaries. Their goal is to improve the decentralization of the blockchain protocol by adding a spatial dimension.

The Nexus Coin is the currency of the network. The corner is fast (60 seconds per confirmation), secure, and free of charge.

Nexus was founded by Colin Cantrell, son of Jim Cantrell, a former founding member of Space-X. It’s a real gateway for Nexus who also wants to work with the aerospace industry.

In other words, Nexus wants to build an ultra-secure and encrypted ecosystem. It is currently one of the only blockchains able to withstand quantum computers.

The price of Nexus peaked in the beginning of the year at about 90,000 satoshis and sank before touching a crypto market cap of about 16,000 satoshis. It is slightly up today and stagnates around 30,000 satoshis.

SONM – crypto market cap: $ 55M / Supply: 359,600,000 SNM outstanding

Crypto market capSONM is a decentralized supercomputer based on the Ethereum blockchain and using a “fog computing” technology. Quite complex for the uninitiated, this technology can be defined as an infrastructure designed to store and process data from connected objects. Instead of centralizing the information produced in the cloud, the idea through this environment is to use the equipment located at the periphery of the network (routers, gateways, switches, mobile devices, etc.) to carry out the processing. By creating this intermediate overlay closer to the production of data, the ultimate goal is to optimize application response times.

– The main stakeholders in the SONM network will be linked by smart contracts:

  • Consumers: People using SONM will benefit from the efficiency, security and scalability of the network. The data will be stored in the “fog” ecosystem, decentralized and encrypted by miners’ computers.
  • The suppliers: Anyone will be able to make available the power of his computer for the benefit of the SONM network and to be rewarded in tokens, they are the miners of the network.

The course flew to the exit of the token but remains stagnant for several weeks. Crypto market cap: the project is still undervalued and the growth potential is obvious.

DeepBrain Chain – crypto market cap: $ 50M / Supply: 900,000,000 HBD in circulation

Deepbrain is a platform for the development of low cost artificial intelligence, based on the NEO blockchain with whom they have a partnership. Customers will have to use their token to gain access to the platform. From 2012 to 2016, we can see an increase of 5154 startups on AI (artificial intelligence) in the world, for a total of $ 22.4 trillion.

crypto market cap

The computing power necessary for the development of these AIs will be provided by the network miners.

They will provide the computing power of their computer and will be rewarded in DBC tokens. DeepbrainChain have a partnership with SONM (source).

The price of DBC rose sharply in the beginning of the year to a peak of about 4500 satoshis ($ 0.63). Crypto market cap: it has been gradually falling since, arriving today at about 696 satoshis. Their team consists of experts very specialized in their field. Five investment funds have already invested in their project.

Wepower (WPR) – crypto market cap: $ 40M / Supply: 355 695 760 WPR in circulation

It is a green energy trading system based on Ethereum. The startup wants to allow individuals to buy energy directly from producers below market prices using Ethereum smart contracts. The Wepower platform is ready, they launched their pilot in April 2018 in partnership with Elering (National Manager of Electricity Transmission Network and Natural Gas Estonia) whose goal is tokenize green energy in Estonia to scale national (details here).

Crypto market capThe Lithuanian Ministry of Energy supports the project and in collaboration with European regulation. They have first customers in Australia and Spain.

The principle is to freely buy energy below the market price through the platform, buying directly from the producer of this energy. Tokezination of energy opens up a new investment ecosystem.

In addition, WPR holders will be rewarded with 0.9% of the energy funded through the platform. You will find a demo of the simplified platform here. You will find their roadmap on the website.

The course of the WPR smoothed after the ICO to reach a peak in late February and down until today at about 1200 satoshis. We notice that we hit the lowest support of WPR, the same as that of February 20 that we see on the graph. It can be considered a very good time to fill up with WPR crypto market cap. Crypto market cap: the project has a very good potential, due to the relevance of its operation and strong partnerships.

INSTAMART (INS) – crypto market cap: $ 50M / Supply: 28,082,222 INS in circulation

Crypto market capThe idea is to set up a decentralized ecosystem in the retail and mass distribution sector.

It connects directly producer and consumer through smart-contracts, saving about 30% on expenses. of the consumer. Indeed, INS eliminates intermediaries, that is to say, supermarkets and wholesalers.

The token is a means of payment on the platform to make its purchases (just like fiat currency), will be essential for producers to perform marketing, and will also serve as a reward for loyal customers, on the same model as the loyalty points.

The consumer market is one of the largest in the world, with a consumer portfolio penetration rate of up to 50%. This crypto market cap is expanding to reach approximately $ 8.5 trillion in 2020, with a large portion of the revenue coming from online purchases. INS will implement a loyalty program, promotions, an affiliate program and customer service. When a customer purchases, the products will be sent to a specific distribution center and sent to the latter in one click.

Crypto market cap: INS token experienced a spike in its output before depreciating over time and now stagnates at around 18,000 satoshis.

Nebulas (NAS) – crypto market cap: $ 220M / Supply: 35,500,000 NAS outstanding

Crypto market capIt is a decentralized search engine system. Nebulas allows anyone to realize data research on existing blockchains with an open-source algorithm. It offers  and the ability to program decentralized applications in known programming languages ​​such as Python, Ruby or JS. Thus, Nebulas specializes in the search for decentralized applications, smartcontracts, and assets on blockchains.

For the moment Nebulas is based on the blockchain Ethereum, but they will dissociate to have their own blockchain at the exit of their Mainnet, planned before March 31 (source). The second goal of Nebulas is to facilitate the privatization of personal data. Hence not usable by large groups such as Google, Amazon or Facebook.

Nebulas experienced a large increase in trading volume in January 2018, increasing the price to about 118,000 satoshis. Crypto market cap: the course has come down gradually and is now stagnating at around 60,000 satoshis, at the level of its medium in January.

Crypto market cap and most profitable current ICOs

The leading trio Ethereum, Spectrecoin and Stratis allowed investors to multiply their stake by more than 200. Let’s get an overview keeping in mind that the prices on which this study is based correspond to the records of 2018 September 11th.

Ethereum arrives, unsurprisingly, in the lead. Crypto market cap: despite the recent dive of the Ether, and the consideration of a price of 185 dollars (against a historical record to more than 1400 dollars), the users having participated in the ICO of the project could profit from a yield of 59,500%. Thus, by buying for a dollar of Ethers, you could have held today $ 596 crypto-currencies, or approximately 3 ETHs.

Spectrecoin is undoubtedly one of the most surprising cases. In only 489th place of CoinMarketCap ranking, the corner raised only a modest sum ($ 15,000). But it allowed investors to multiply by 244 their capital, high crypto market cap.

Crypto market cap

Stratis, which raised $ 600,000, offered buyers an extremely attractive price at only $ 0.007. Now the current price is around $ 1.363. By earning a single dollar during the STRAT ICO, an investor would currently hold the equivalent of $ 194.

NEO is one of the projects in which it’s wise to bet. The price of the so-called “Chinese Ethereum” is currently 116 times higher than that offered at its ICO, conducted in 2016.

Ark, crypto market cap. Having raised less than $ 1 million by the end of 2016, the project has flared throughout 2017. If its price is currently at its lowest point of the year, the participants in this ICO having kept their assets are still winners. Crypto market cap with an ROI of 6,000%.

Crypto market cap and other top ICOs

Lisk – sold at $ 0.076 initially, it was worth $ 3.601 on September 11 – an increase of 4,638%


Komodo – proposed at $ 0.022 for its launch, it was at $ 1,030 on September 11. Crypto market cap, an increase of 4,581%.

Storj-x – offered at $ 0.009 during its initial tokens sale, it’s now worth $ 0.357 on September 11. An increase of 3,866%.

Aeternity sold at Phase 1 of its ICO at $ 0.042. And now worth $ 1.180 on September 11th. Crypto market cap, an increase of 2,709%.

Augur offered at $ 0.602 at its ICO launch, is at $ 14,692 on September 11th. An increase of 2,340%.