Crypto Poker, when Gambling meets Crypto industry


Crypto Poker, the cryptocurrency soon unavoidable

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise. And Poker players are increasingly attracted by this form of digital speculation, now called crypto poker.

The CoinPoker site, based on blockchain technology, opened its virtual tables. Hence it issued its own crypto Poker currency with its ICO. A success since the fundraising was completed in just six days!

CoinPoker is based like all the crypto gurus on the blockchain technology. It opened its virtual game tables and issued its own crypto Poker currency. 

The success was not long in coming. Indeed, in just a few days, they have closed the fundraising necessary for its development.

Crypto Poker and new trends

Last year, Doug Polk, one of the most influential players of the moment, created his own YouTube channel. Mainly focusing on the cryptocurrencies. A whim ? Not really. He is embarking on a path that is attracting more and more poker players.

Bloggers, gamblers, youtubeurs launch one after the other in speculation. And, what is more noticeable, in the media coverage of these new currencies. This is the time for the the crypto Poker. Therefore, even if the train is already running, other cars will still cling to it.

Crypto Poker, in the onslaught of online poker

crypto poker
Several operators have already tried to take advantage of the success of bitcoin, with different level of success.

Poker and cryptocurrency would be compatible? We had to wait for VirtuePoker, the project carried by Brian Rast, Phil Ivey and Dan Coleman. These are the three of the most bankable players of the moment. The crypto poker is born finally.

Of course they compete all the legal process in addition to the basic security guarantees that this kind of service must provide. Moreover VirtuePoker, the crypto poker, offers a perfect fluidity between the digital wallet and the gaming table. On paper, therefore, the project is obviously strong. However, the operator will have to raise large amounts of money.

So that its marketing expenses can compete with the giants of the industry.

Even more recently, in December last year, the CoinPoker site, based on blockchain technology, opened its virtual tables. The idea was to issue a starting virtual currency, with an ICO. Then offered for sale before the start of the project in order to finance it.

This crypto poker being convertible with other cryptocurrencies, speculation could take place. The bet was daring, but it’s a success since the fundraising was completed in just six days!

Crypto Poker impacts Live Poker

In addition, some operators abroad now offer cryptocurrencies and the crypto poker as a payment method. This is the easiest and quickest adaptation to put in place. It is extremely likely that, in the months to come, a large funnel will also open to this payment methods.

A few weeks ago, the Unibet Deep Stack Open creates a surprise by opening up to cryptocurrencies. Hence, they will be accepted as payment methods on all stages of this live tournament circuit.

But tournaments will even be reserved for virtual currencies ! Crypto poker is live !

We can easily think that the success of future poker tournaments will be closely linked to the Bitcoin, Ether and other crypto poker currencies. In addition, some competitions promise to very exciting to follow. If the phenomenon is not completely new, such a dependence is unprecedented.

Anyway the future of the gambling will most certainly change due to the crypto poker. Cryptocurrencies will have an impact on the poker industry.