Cryptocat- What is its best Alternative?


    Cryptocat has already found quite some users in the cryptography community. Let us say you need to communicate with someone anonymously but not in person. You would rather not have it connected to your account, and you do not want anyone listening in, browser-based Cryptocat has you covered.

    This super-simple chatting application provides you with nearly unlimited places to hide encrypted conversations and requires zero setups.

    While it initially received inspection due to privacy concerns. Most users seemed to have warmed up to what this application can do mainly.

    From 10 days ago, cryptocat is no longer maintained software. Don’t start to panic yet. We have a solution.

    About Cryptocat

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    It is a browser-based, open-source alternative to traditional chat and instant messaging programs like Skype. In this program, messages are encrypted in the browser with Javascript, sent encrypted through the internet to the consumer, and then decrypted in the client.

    This works by using public-key encryption to make sure that Cryptocat itself does not know what users send on the platform.


    The primary objective of Cryptocat was to help ordinary users take advantage of encrypted communication. In this way, it sought to walk the line between a user-friendly interface and high-end security.

    Also, there are several reasons to believe that CryptoCat may have hit its target already. While it is far more accessible than Pidgin, the application was more private than competitive services like Google Talk and Internet Relay Chat.

    Even though their progress was inevitable, they decided to close their services. Why? We will never know. But don’t lose your hopes, we found some decent alternatives for you.

    Decent Alternatives


    Signal is an encrypted messaging and voice-calling app that is securing all the communications. It can also verify the identity of a person you’re messaging and the integrity of the channel they are using.


    Tox is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family, without additional unwanted listeners of the chat. While other similar services companies require you to pay for features, Tox is completely free and comes without advertising — forever.


    Wire was actually recommended by cryptocat themselves in a goodbye tweet. Messaging app Wire was recently named the most secure instant messenger by Linz University, Austria. It offers encrypted live audio and a visual group calling and allows you to use different keys for each device. The wire is sending you a unique keycode for every different login to maintain their security- awesome, right?


    Conclusively, if you have been concerned about the level of privacy you are receiving when chatting with colleagues or friends, it is worth checking out all these Cryptocat’s alternatives.

    Even if you have never used encryption before, NadimKobeissi has created a program that is perfect for beginner and has been well received by expert cryptographers.