Cryptohopper- Trading Cryptocurrency Made Easy.


    Today, cryptocurrency bots have become a favorite thing. Despite the trader being a professional or an amateur, at some time or the other they once came across cryptocurrency trading bots.

    In line with this, a person can’t stay up the whole day and night, and the crypto market is volatile and live throughout the day. Therefore, to make profits during the sleeping times, traders make use of the bots such as crypto hopper that come in quite handy in booking the profits.

    Crypto hopper seeks to empower traders by providing an easy to use service that permits its users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies easily. It aims to remove human emotions from their trading process.

    Therefore, to learn more about the Cryptohopper trading bot, please keep reading!

    What is Cryptohopper?

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    Cryptohopper is an automated trading robot that trades on your behalf. It uses trading algorithms. Once you connect a hopper to a crypto exchange, you can choose many strategies that the robot will implement to try and make a profit.


    According to the Cryptohopper website, the project was started by two brothers, a brilliant web developer and the other, one a successful day trader. The two merged their ideas, skills, and experiences to create a bot that trades automatically for the user, works 24/7 and trades a variety of coins, while also being compatible with many cryptocurrency exchanges via an Application Programming Interface.

    In other words, it is a trading bot for buying and selling of Bitcoins and other alternative coins on autopilot. The Cryptohopper is programmed to detect an excellent time to place positions to buy or sell. It scans the market for the lowest price to place buy orders and sell when the trades have moved into considerable profits.

    Also, Crypto hopper eliminates emotions out of the trading equation by implementing a practical and manipulatable trading solution for crypto investors of all experience levels. Greedy buying, panic selling, these are just some of the ways that may affect your trading for the worse.

    Therefore, Cryptohopper uses real analysis to time its trading decisions. By employing technical based trading algorithms, Cryptohopper was engineered to serve as a possible solution to assist investors in generating profits through investing the crypto markets.

    Moreso, you can also keep a record of their trading and stats history, as well as the price movements of about 75 cryptocurrencies. Although the service is easy and straightforward to set up, it also incorporates an extensive range of trading features.

    Key Features

    Since you’re going to work closely with the Cryptohopper, you should have an in-depth understanding of the features that the bot offers. Below are a few of the features that set the Crypto hopper besides the other cryptocurrency trading bots:

    • Exchange Integration

    The platform is currently compatible with nine exchanges, i.e., Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Huobi, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex and Kucoin. The support for other exchanges like Bitstamp, CEX.IO, BitFlyer, HitBTC, and Cobinhood is scheduled to arrive soon.

    • Functionality 

    Cryptohopper activates as a web-based solution and features an easy to use and automatic user interface that incorporates a wide range of functions.

    Users can configure the bot to trade automatically 24/7 and make use of both algorithmic and social trading. Trading strategies can be acquired through many unique pointers or by following the operations of third-party trading experts.

    • Customer Support

    The platform includes a support team that works to deal with any issues. So users can contact the team by sending a support ticket in the Support Section.

    Furthermore, users can also contact the support team through their Telegram group, Twitter account, and Facebook. The website also contains many many tutorials that help users to navigate the platform. Above all, the team has also formed the Cryptohopper Academy video library.

    • Array of Tools 

    Cryptohopper platform presents a great range of trading tools and organizes characteristics, for instance, a bot backtesting tool, configurable and saveable templates, trailing ends, and customizable professional signs. Users can also count on indicators such as Stoch, RSI, Bollinger Bands and MACD.

    • Social Trading and Algorithmic

    The feature is the core of the Cryptohopper trading bot. The control that is behind the system functions on two fundamental principles, social trading and algorithmic trading. By using the two methods, the traders manage to configure the strategies and the trades that follow using the different technical indicators that can be joined with the bot.

    Moreover, the traders also have an option to follow the predictions and calls that they get from third-party trading professionals via the cryptocurrency signals by using the social trading aspect of this bot.

    • Automatic Trading

    Unlike many bots, Crypto hopper trades throughout the day and night by a detailed analysis that coded into its algorithm. So you do not have to worry about things such as greedy buys and panic sales since the algorithm of the bot will not give room for such trades to happen. In other words, the bot works more efficiently than a human trader.

    Moreover, the bot can manage to make trades on many coins, unlike any human trader who can center on a single coin properly at a time. Therefore, you can set the limits to which the bot will trade, and it will keep following all the limits without needing any additional attention.

    • Site Infrastructure

    Crypto hopper provides a sleek and user-friendly platform. Users can easily understand and navigate the platform even those who possess a little technical background.

    • Signal Sources

    Cryptohopper claims to implement expert external signals for most of their trading bot’s functionality. Moreover, to support manipulable trading parameters and numerous trading approaches, Cryptohopper users can adjust their trading bots relative to their performance reports to generate more effective trading outputs.

    How Does Cryptohopper Work?

    Setting up Crypto hopper for beginners is very easy. You pay for your subscription online and then link the Hopper to any exchange that you deposited your funds. After that, you’re then good to go.

    You can access your Hopper dashboard online and then get a clear view of your settings and trading positions.

    Also, from your dashboard, you can view performance reports of signalers and subscribe to the best signals. You can also select your strategies; adjust them and tell your Hopper how much it can invest and how much profit you expect to make.

    Above all, you can also check your trading stats, history and price movements of all currencies.

    Crypto hopper Pricing

    There are three major pricing plans possible; nevertheless, Crypto hopper also enables members to get used of a free trial month or “Explorer” program.

    Users can easily sign up and start using the service without having to offer any refund details. When the trial month ends, the Crypto hopper is automatically impaired, and users can then opt to buy full consent.

    It’s reasonable to pay per month or to buy the service for a whole year, it’s also crucial to note that Crypto hopper doesn’t grant any refunds and users should make the utmost of the free trial before investing to a consent.

    Is Cryptohopper Safe to Use?


    Some investors have raised questions over the slightly obscure reputations held by some of their supported exchanges. However, there is nothing to suggest that Crypto hopper is a scam. In this light, their reliance upon monthly usage fees rather than hefty deposits denotes that there would be no point the platform will suddenly close down.

    Furthermore, it has no option to withdraw your money. Therefore, your exchange holds your funds safe for security risks. This combined with the AWS hosting and 2FA makes Cryptohopper a very secure platform to use.

    Sure it is always wise to worry with any automatic trading software; however, in this vein, this is as transparent and straight-up as anyone can reasonably expect. Therefore, Crypto hopper is safe to invest with. While their extensive free trial period is an advantage that investors should consider.


    Conclusively, Crypto hopper renders an empowering trading experience. It has been reported as a useful and consistent trading bot amongst crypto day traders.

    So, if you don’t just want to get bored with all the technicalities of the cryptocurrency market; and still want to generate some real profit increasing your cryptocurrency; then you should try Cryptohopper cryptocurrency trading bot.