Dash Cryptocurrency News – Dash Gains Over 12%


    Breaking news, Dash cryptocurrency is the altcoin of the day; but this shouldn’t be a surprise. The instant popularity of dash cryptocurrency is one that cannot go unnoticed. Most altcoins that are popular today had to go through a considerable period of being invisible before being recognised in the cryptocurrency market. However, since the release of  Dash cryptocurrency in January 2014, it immediately attracted attention and became very popular among international traders especially. Let’s find out more about Dash cryptocurrency and the reason it is shining today in top crypto news.

    Dash quick facts.

    Dash is a peer to peer crypto that is open sources and deals mostly with the payments industry. It is a form of money that has very low transaction fees, and it is safe to use anonymously offline as it is online. The goal and purpose of Dash are to be the most scalable and user-friendly payment system all over the world. Some unique features of Dash include having a network of master nodes to allow instant and private transactions (Instant send) and (Privatesend).

    Advantages of Dash cryptocurrency

    1. Its insta-send feature allows it to have much faster transactions.
    2. The Private send option allows for more privacy.
    3. It has an outstanding marketing campaign.
    4. Decisions to do with the needs of the community and funding developments are easier and faster to make due to the; master nodes’ democratic voting ability that encourages decentralisation.
    5. Block development rewards are distributed among Dash development’s funding pool, miners and the master nodes. Therefore, the master nodes have an incentive and Dash gains a good amount of money for its developments.

    Disadvantages of Dash cryptocurrency

    1. Some people are quite sceptical about the privacy features offered by Dash. The doubt lies with the assumption that if someone gets a hold of the master nodes through which the transaction passes then the coin can be traced.
    2. Others also question the legitimacy of Dash cryptocurrency and its decentralisation, due to a claim that the main Development team owns a considerable amount of master nodes.
    3. Also, it appears that the core development team members decided to mine 2 million out of the 18 million coins to keep for themselves; this was within the first 48 hours of the coin’s release.
    4. Although Dash seems quite popular and used worldwide, it is still developing like all other coins.

    Dash gains over 12%

    The bullish week kicks off with a surprising gain in Dash cryptocurrency. It seems that while investors are monitoring Bitcoin as always, as it usually determines, the pace of other altcoin markets dash is not among those altcoins. Dash cryptocurrency is not usually affected by Bitcoin as much as other altcoins are. Nevertheless, an instant rise in Bitcoin can heavily influence a lot of excitement in alternative markets. It is not a surprise that assets, tokens and altcoins show themselves right now as Bitcoin is almost up by 1 %.

    The exciting news is that in the last 24 hours Dash cryptocurrency has gone up by 12.65% in terms of the value of the US dollar and 11.6% in the value of BTC. Seeing as we have just started a brand new week. These are remarkable increases. Dash cryptocurrency seems to be doing great at a current and steady value of $113.12. However, not only is the price doing well as more than $347m worth of Dash cryptocurrency has been recently traded. We will be looking forward to more exciting movements this week if the trading level remains consistent.

    The Partnership That Followed.

    The rise of Dash was escorted by a partnership between; Cryptobuyer, Latin America’s exchange and Traki, the great department store of Venezuela. Traki now also accepts Dash cryptocurrency as a form of payment. According to the partnership, crypto buyer is offering ‘no fee Dash buying’ as compensation, to allow Venezuelans to easily and quickly access Dash. In other words, you can buy Dash without a fee charged in the country that crypto buyer is located (Panama); then you can easily send it to Venezuela to help them purchase anything from Traki.


    The news on the rise of Dash cryptocurrency rising at this point is not a surprise. The technology behind Dash is quite promising; and within the next few days, it could gain a lot of investors as the developments continue. In terms of whether it is a good idea to invest in the dash at the moment, I would say; it seems to be on the positive trend right now; but with the effect of the volatile market, it could deteriorate drastically. Therefore I would observe it a little more before investing.