DNT Crypto – What Is The District0x Network?


The DNT crypto is a very significant part of the District0x network as it is the cryptocurrency necessary for users to easily interact and co-operate on the platform. The primary purpose of the DNT crypto is giving users as well as members the right to contribute to the decision making that concerns the governance of several districts. Therefore the more DNT crypto you have, the more rights. In today’s article, we will go into more detail about the DNT crypto (District0x) and its network.

What is District0x?

Distric0x is a unique project that uses a collection of online communities and decentralised marketplaces to develop a new and improved outline for online commerce. Another goal that Disctrict0x aims to achieve is to give non-technical users a user-friendly interface that will help them build their own communities and decentralised market places for FREE.

The communities and marketplaces are referred to as districts as in the name. Every time a new district is formed on the platform a new DNT coin would be generated. The district0x network is powered by Ethereum, Aragon and IPFS and the districts are like independent and decentralised organisations on the network.

About the Districts – What are they?

A district is any community or marketplace formed within Distric0x. Every district can do its own filtering and search, posting and listing, as well as payments and invoicing. Each one of the districts also has its own reputations and rankings.
The d0xINFRA infrastructure is the central aspect of DNT crypto that makes the existence of districts possible. d0xINFRA infrastructure is a collection of Ethereum smart contracts and a heap of libraries, distributed on IPFS. These aspects are what powers the fundamental functions of these districts.

The framework was deliberately left as an open-source solution that is completely extensible. Therefore, any district can further develop basic functionality by creating auxiliary units and incorporate them to execute some unique features.

Benefits of DNT crypto

Some main advantages of the DNT crypto include receiving DNT coins just by joining the network; giving the user rights to vote and make decisions on certain districts and their proposals. For instance, the user can vote on the future of a specific district and the fees as well. Nevertheless, their rights will depend on the purpose and laws of the district. DNT crypto users also have the privilege of creating their own district; they can interact with the services and functions that each district provides.

Another very important positive aspect is that; it aids in the governance and formation of decentralised autonomous organisations; which can be exciting for blockchain enthusiasts. Moreover, District0x supports the management and development of districts that can work as DAOs.

Final thoughts

The DNT crypto and its network is a very intriguing project without a doubt. It has reliable developers working towards an achievement that will be a great asset; especially for citizens seeking a self-directed web. It is an excellent project for anyone to participate in; we can already see the impact it brings on employers and job seekers.

Some examples of districts formed within the Distric0x network are; Name Bazaar, Ethlance and Meme Factory; and as more districts are built the project will turn out to be even more useful. The DNT crypto has increased in value over time, and it will continue to do so as more districts are launched; we move towards users all over the world creating their own districts.