Ethereum Block Explorer – Etherscan and its Alternatives


Ethereum block explorer, what is it really? As a newbie, you may have heard the term blockchain explorer before and wondered what it means. And yes the technology and data behind blockchain explorers may seem very difficult to understand at first glance. However, once you get to know it and become more familiar with it, you will realize what a powerful tool it is in the cryptocurrency world.lets get into more detail and learn about the Ethereum blockchain explorer.

What is a blockchain explorer?

A block explorer is a tool available online used to explore the blockchain as a whole. It lets you see a blockchains latest blocks and other transaction information like the parties involved and the amounts exchanged. Usually, almost all blockchains have one specific block explorer that one can use. However, other blockchains such as the Ethereum blockchain has a few block explorers that can be used on it.

The Ethereum blockchain I different from other blockchains because the tokens issued cannot be seen on the actual blockchain. Therefore, tracking relevant token data because they are issued via smart contracts. Furthermore, there is no independent third party viewer.

Etherscan and other Ethereum block explorer alternatives.

To understand the Ethereum network and be able to diagnose any issues, you need to know what’s going on inside it; therefore and Ethereum block explorer is vital. However, it is not just a random pick; following are some Ethereum block explorer options.

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is the most popular Ethereum block, explorer. It is a self-governing project that does not receive any external funding or management advice.

Etherscan somewhat guides the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, some data from the Ethereum blockchain is simplified and made available on the Etherscan site. The goal of the Etherscan block explorer to keep consistent searchability on all transactions of the Ethereum blockchain. For those new to cryptocurrency especially, it is important to know that Etherscan does not have any control over the transactions that occur in the Ethereum network. It is not a brokerage or a trading platform, therefore it does not offer any wallet services and does not store clients private keys whatsoever.

Ethereum block explorer –Etherchain

Etherchain is not too different from Etherscan except that it has a rather more attractive interface. Information on transactions is very easy to see because of the tools and charts available. Etherscan also has a unit converter which is a very helpful and unique feature.


This is another great block explorer option that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Blocksouts was developed by the POA Network cev. Team. The aim of this open-source block explorer is to focus on all things Ethereum including; token values, private chains, side chains, block data and so on. One thing that Blockscouts offers that most block explorers don’t, is the clear identification of token transfers, transactions, contract calls, etc.


This is one of the more recent block explorers that support Ethereum. EnjinX was released by the Enjin Coin team in December 2018, and not only does it cater for Ethereum, but for Litecoin and Bitcoin as well.

Ethereum block explorer conclusion

Blockchain explorers are a very valuable resource to have in the crypto scene. Open source explorers such as the ones mentioned, contribute to making cryptocurrencies immutable and transparent, allowing the public to have access to the blockchain Ledger honors the decentralized system.