Financial Crisis Approaching


Cryptocurrency a safe investment with a potential financial crisis!

The financial crisis is a delicate subject, to begin with, and having predictions of 60% chances of a US recession is scaring many investors. The forecast is made by JPMorgan, who knows a lot when it comes down to financial advice and investments.

After the most significant financial crisis in 2008, experts are claiming another one is right up to the corner of 2020. The reason why experts predict this economic crisis is because of Wall Street’s reckless risk-taking.

It seems no one learned from the past financial crisis in 2008, and the JPMorgan analysis model states are much more than that. For now, everyone is blaming Wall Street for not learning its lesson and didn’t reformed or fully apply the government’s tax reforms. While most companies will suffer because of the new financial crisis, some are considering it a good thing.

financial crisis

Why is the upcoming financial crisis a good thing?

Well, let’s understand first were talking this news as a good thing from a crypto investment point of view. Such might represent the breakthrough we are all waiting for because, after ten years, we are facing another financial crisis. From an analyst’s point of view, this proves how broke the current economic system is, and no matter how much they try, it can’t get fully fixed.

Moreover, this will be the time when governments and banks will fully understand the importance of blockchain technology. Is the time now for cryptocurrencies to rise and replace our current broken financial system. The financial crisis is due to money landing and quantitative easing inflating the real value of assets.

Because of that company made a lot of money while the average investor suffered loses. All the factors mentioned are the leading cause of the upcoming financial crisis.

Inflation proof digital currencies

Game changer for ICOs and crypto investors, the future financial crisis is the final “nail in the coffin” for the existing financial system. It is time for the “little ones” to profit from investing in solving problems, not creating new ones. Yes, that’s right; currently, we spent money to fix specific issues not to face another financial crisis.

And yet here we are. Digital currency, believe it or not, is inflation-proof, where we exchange different coins’ peer to peer. Faster, safer, and inflation-proof not worrying about future financial crises where you’re in control. Cryptocurrency means stability, where the current economic system is not since too many factors are behind its security.

JPMorgan states the probability of the financial crisis is 28% in 2019 and increased dramatically to 60% by 2020. We are estimating that for the year 2021, the odds for the financial crisis are higher than 80%.

The date FOMC is feeding the audience is not accurate, and that’s because they don’t want to scare investors and the average consumer.

financial crisis

Is crypto an alternative?

The data analyzed by JPMorgan includes all aspects of the country’s economy, where the US will suffer the most. With another financial crisis, this time on a larger global scale, investments on cryptocurrencies are highly considerate by massive companies.

Cryptocurrencies are not a defendant on countries’ economic performance. Where some sectors are failing and other industries performing. That’s why crypto is DECENTRALIZED. With the financial crisis approaching, it doesn’t mean the dollar will worth 20 cents or total crash the economy. However, the data is clear, and the current economic system remains broken, will you reinvest to fix something that can’t get fixed anymore?

The primary factor that is impacting now the US economy is the labor numbers, where a lot of people are willing to work part-time jobs. Why is that important? Simply because you can work a total of 8 to 9 hours on two part-time jobs and make $50 an hour. Even with positive NFPs where more jobs get created. The population won’t work a full-time job, the same amount of hours, and make $15 an hour.

I believe that most of my readers already know the answer, and if you’re new in the crypto space, please check my previous analysis and articles. My answer is YES! Crypto is here to stay and evolving every day, creating investment opportunities.

With the crypto market being affected by US equities, it is safe to assume that the financial crisis will create investment windows. However, I’m curious, what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you believe in the future of cryptocurrencies or the current broken financial system? Would you invest in something that will eventually fail or in something that is inflation-proof? Please let me know in the comment section below.

Like always, I wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!