Crypto stories, Freaky or Surprising, from Threat to Release


Let’s have some fun in this Crypto Business World. We will start from now to report some funny, unusual and freaky Crypto stories around the world.

Crypto stories in Norway, a particular story that could have ended badly

A bomb threat was recently sent to a Norwegian cryptocurrency mining company. Its authors are overwhelmed by the noise generated by the company’s activity. Indeed they accuse the company of sabotaging peace.

crypto storiesIt would seem that crypto-revolution is not welcome in Norway. But a great to start writing a novel based on Crypto stories.

According to local newspaper Vakdalposten, Kryptovault, a cryptomilling company with several farms in the country, received a bomb threat last weekend.

The company’s managing director told Ringerikes Blad media that the police were immediately informed of the receipt of the threat. And according the usual sentence they “take this problem very seriously”.

Here is what this message contained:

“It’s sabotage. By developing your crypto-mining business, you annoy the country with your noise. And you destroy the peace and the quiet. Hence I threaten to send you explosives. ”

The manager invited his employees to be more vigilant.

“We asked the police to tell us what we should do. Our infrastructure of Follum is in a fenced area. It would be difficult for an intruder to access it. On the other hand, Dale’s is much easier to access. Hence we explained to everyone that we had to be on our guard”.

Kryptovault is a “cloud mining” company. It offers to its users to “rent” computers specialized in cryptocurrency mining. Indeed the technology developed known as energy greedy and somehow noisy, but still…

However, this was not the first time that residents complain of noise caused by its operations. Last June, the company held a consultative meeting with residents of the city of Dale to try to find solutions.

Let’s hope to see a happy ending to that kind of crypto stories. Maybe the company could offer some coins to its neighbors…

Crypto Stories in the United States: Federal court clears Bitcoin caution

crypto storiesWhat better place than the US, the kingdom of unusual or even extremely ridiculous life stories. But in this case, the judgment of the “Digital Reason” prevailed to everyone’s surprise.

Even though crypto-markets recorded some declines since the beginning of the year, the use cases of digital assets are multiplying. The most recent one follows the initiative of the San Francisco Federal Court. Indeed the Court authorized the payment of a caution in Bitcoin.

Accused of hacking the Electronic Arts video game company, Martin Marsich was arrested in San Francisco. He allegedly illegally entered the company’s internal network and gained access to 25,000 accounts. It allowed him to purchase “in-game” content. The 25-year-old is facing a sentence of up to five years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine.

The peculiarity of this case of crypto stories? The San Francisco Federal Court has asked him to pay $750,000 in Bitcoin – or any other cryptocurrency – for his bail.

Abraham Simmons, Assistant Attorney General, not a surprise for them this decision. Quoted by the PA Daily Post, he says that it is probably not the first time that a judge allows the payment of a caution in digital currencies:

“The judge can potentially order what he wants. The objective is for the accused to be able to submit to it, with the order to appear later in court, “he says.

And adding that the high volatility of cryptocurrencies was not a problem:

“The idea is that it is judged, it is not necessarily to ensure that the value of a particular asset can be maintained […]. Moreover I think the parties would alert the court if there is a significant change in the value of the currency concerned. ”

We could thought that a Court could accept only certified checks or cash. But this was in the past. Welcome to the Brave New Currencies World !
Pay a caution in cryptocurrencies. Just like Simmons, the lawyer that believes that such an initiative is part of what he describes as a new world… Other crypto stories are still on developing.