Gaming, Esports and blockchain integration


Gaming mode ON, eSports adopting blockchain

Gaming became much popular and eSports (Electronic Sports) constantly offers opportunities for young aspiring gamers. Let’s embark on a journey in the gaming world where you can become a PRO Gamer.

Gaming, Esports blockchainMost commonly, eSports take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players. Competitive gaming started in the early 2000, and where some players dedicated more time on becoming GODS of arenas. Streaming gaming sessions where multiplayer competitive stile emerges.

eSports is a well known gaming industry by now and possible implementation of blockchain is on the table. By 2019, it is estimated that 427 million people worldwide will be watching eSports. The eSports industry has grown at a tremendous pace over the past few years. Per a report from Newzoo, total eSports revenue jumped from $493 million in 2016 to $655 million in 2017, and total revenue could exceed $900 million in 2018.

eSports and Professional Gaming Will be Recognize as Olympic Games

Gaming is not as easy as it may look. PRO players undergo rigorous training and strict schedule. Moreover, players who are part of well known gaming teams start their day like any other athlete. Waking up early in the morning, having healthy breakfast and exercise with personal trainers. Gaming sessions are hours away, and gamers are working-out for two or three hours.

After the work out it is lunch time followed by one or two hours of watching other gamers play-stile. Very important since this will help them develop strategies against the opponent teams. Now the time has come to start gaming. The following five to seven hours PRO gamers will train and hone their skills. This process is repeated every day for the period of their contract or season.

eSports, another job of the future

Aspiring young kids devote free time to create content by streaming. One day hopefully become PROs in the gaming industry. Individual streamers build their streaming platforms with followers. The better their gaming the more followers and that’s how the get approached to join teams. How it works is simple, almost every streamer make some money from subscribers.

First of all to stream your gaming obviously you need a good gaming rig. For a decent one aspiring fresh gamers spend from $400 to $600, that will be upgraded later on. Hence gaming will take most of their time followers often drop gifts helping out gamers to upgrade their rigs. Even more interesting, nowadays parents support their kids who have such aspirations. Certainly most of us realize that gaming is a job of the future.

eSports will adopt blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as payment

Since the start of cryptocurrencies and blockchain many industries acknowledge the benefits of using such technology. Mainstream phenomenon, blockchain and faster payments per to per. eSports surely will not miss out on the implementation of blockchain and cryptocurrency payments.

The question is when. Seems like waiting for the ending of FALL season is the main reason. Year of 2019 will bring other opportunities in terms of payments unlocking the barrier for younger users. Everyone can own cryptocurrencies and wallets, but not every under 18 can have a bank account. Moreover my personal opinion the first industry to take blockchain utilization will be eSports.

Big Boys platforms used by gamers

Pro gamers use platforms to buy, download and play games. The most used platform is STEAM but with the ever growing eSports industry other platforms are emerging. As a result for the increasing demand of platforms blockchain implementation makes much more sense. Another aspect of blockchain technology is the security protocols that will improve gamers data protection.

Gaming, Esports blockchainThat said, hackers will most probably need to change their profession. Because of massive technology advancements VR (virtual reality) for gamers will unlock endless real life applications. Streaming their gaming sessions will be much more easy to use. Bringing to the table the possibility of a new form of VRs similar to the nerve gear in the Game Saga “Sword Art Online”.

Players will be Players and eSports Scholarships

With an ever-growing industry, it makes sense for players to support each other. Building and be part of the biggest community some gamers share details of their private lives. Coming from a poor family and not being able to have a proper education.

Gamers and fellow streamers are running charity programs within the gaming community. eSports play their part with donations for disable kids and orphans. The best part it is yet to come.

With a limited number of seats gamers can benefit of prime education. “All those long nights staying up till 2 am to play video games can finally pay off…literally”. University Esports athletes also don team uniforms and post-game meals, just like any other collegiate sports team.

Gaming, Esports blockchainConclusion of eSports and blockchain implementation

Unfortunately we are far away from a perfect world where everyone can be financial equals. Innovation in blockchain development most probably need another decade to be mature enough to provide lesser fees for any transaction. Future generations will benefit from what current generation are fighting.

I am proud to be among the generation who put the basis of blockchain and grateful that future ones will appreciate our sacrifice. Blockchain and crypto will someday replace the currently rigid payment system. Gaming, eSports and blockchain is the future!

Like always I wish you all Every Success and Happy Trading !