Global Technology and Innovation creates 2 tokens


Affiliate Companies such as Global Technology and Innovation adopt Crypto.

We have all become digital. Our job, entertainment, friendships, money transfers, calls are all done digitally. Some of us are still enjoying some person to person engagement but most of us live our lives through a computer. And that is not all, among the digitalization of our present lives, money has even become more advanced by taking the form of a decentralized digital currency that is independent from the classic currencies we know as FIAT.

Some of the industries that have mostly benefited from these changes are finance and investment companies – new ways to create more assets. Apart from those, marketing and affiliate companies are also enjoying a huge advantage when it comes to the futuristic approach Cryptocurrencies have. The scalability and the whole new world these currencies have opened up to the internet-gurus are a pro when considering creating a second source of income.

Life is also more expensive, less time to do what we love, using the money we create to live. We have stopped working for a living, but now we mostly live to work. And what do we say to that? NO. The hustlers and the problem-solvers are always looking for ways to make an extra income to be able to afford those awesome holidays they have been planning for years. And some might wonder how they can potentially earn those extra bucks they would very much like.


Global Technology is an Affiliate Company that has been running for many years in an industry full of hurdles and difficulties. And due to our experience in the industry, we can assure you that partnering up with a resilient company that finds solutions to problems is all that matters!

Global Tech has now also implemented cryptocurrencies in its commission structure. Making It a fast-forward thinking company that rewards its users with a token that can appreciate in value. Not only do you receive commissions from many different products but also those commissions can increase in value over time.

Global Tech’s tokens

The company has now created two different cryptocurrencies that serve different purposes, GTPLUS and GTFTA. They are both equally important as they complement each other. GTFTA is used to pay the affiliates weekly dividends and the more you hold, as long as you are registered with Global Tech, the more dividends you receive.

But this is not all, their community is big, engaged and caring and they definitely know how to celebrate their success, with annual galas and yearly incentives, this Network Marketing Company is set for success. Contact any of their users and be part of Global Tech, work for a better future. Together.

Both Tokens are created on the Stellar Blockchain. Among the main reasons why the company preferred Stellar than Ethereum is due to the fact that Stellar is faster and cheaper to make cryptography transactions.

What is the goal of Global Technology?

As simple as it seems, improving the world is not a one-man team. It needs the help of hundreds and thousands of other charitable and hard-working people to make it a reality. With the help of its network, Global Technology and Innovation is creating structures and developments that will help move some poorer countries forward. Life Balance Academy, together with the United Care for Life Foundation are partnering up with Global Tech and they all strive for a Universal Basic Income and a balanced learning curve that everybody can benefit from.

If you want to either register and support this magnificent project or just want to keep an eye on their token, follow their Social Media Channels! Every step forward is a step toward success. Start now.

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