Hodl XRP- Ripple Millionaires


Is it still possible for you to become a millionaire if you HODL Ripple (XRP) ?

HODL Ripple (XRP)? Are you one of the lucky people at the beginning of 2017 who had put $3000 into xrp, when it was less than 1 cent you have gotten around 600000 xrp? Realistically you only needed ripple to hit $2 in ordered to make $1.2 million.

hodl xrpHowever, if you are not one of these lucky people but hodl xrp don’t despair. The idea is simple and at some point ripple will definitely hit $1,000. A lot of people who hodl xrp believe this because of what the ripple team does. When xrp will hit $1000 hours we would have a market cap, I believe, of $39 trillion. Literally xrp need to control a large number of banks in the world utilizing xRapid. Sending xrp for cross border payments, meaning that ripple has done exactly what they planned.

In a perfect world people who HODL Ripple (XRP) from the very beginning are now trillionaires or billionaires.

hodl xrpAnalyzing the markets, especially in 2018, seems a little far-fetched for people who hodl xrp.  Current predictions for xrp are sitting around $8 to $10 in 2018 and a more bullish prediction from $10 to $15. All this doesn’t even put into account exactly what ripple is planning on doing by the end of this year or next year. This prediction is mainly based on the idea of coinbase listing xrp. SBI being activated, Japan’s largest banks who created their own cryptocurrency exchange. They will have xrp listed as the main coin on their platform.

Hodl xrp a little longer and you might end up a millionaire once announcements are published. Keep in mind that everything that ripple has wanted to do they have already done it. They just have not made the announcement yet and this is what people who hodl xrp expect a price of $589.

People are slowly believing that ripple is kind of done

This is not the case with the people who hodl xrp. Everything that ripple planned on doing has actually happened and it will push the xrp price to $589, because ripple has actually taken over a number of Central banks around the world without anyone knowing. The current reality of the situation is xrp at $0.45.

If you decided to hodl xrp then the timing couldn’t be better. For 1000 xrp it will cost around $700. Other people will try to get 2000 xrp this would cost around $1,400. People hodl xrp needs a price of $1,000 to hit $1 million. If xrp price is $500 and you’re holding just 2000 xrp you would get a million dollars. People who hodl xrp at a price of $250 having 4000 coins would get them faster to the goal of becoming a millionaire. It becomes a lot easier if you hold more xrp.

People have been buying xrp every single day in small numbers adding up especially with a low price of $0,7 per coin.

Keeping the above in mind and xrp price of $1,000, means ripple has taken over a huge portion of the banks. Meaning that they’re using xRapid for their border to border payments. However, it is unlikely to happen in the near future for people who hodl xrp. Nonetheless, this does, however, become a bit more believable if xrp price gets to $100. Subsequently, we will see a market cap of $3.9 trillion and this is not just a fantasy.

The time has come to hodl xrp or if you still don’t believe in the future of trading wait until it will reach its highest. Then repeat the same mistake in buying high losing money when the price will start to drop again.

Like always I wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!