Holo chain Cyprus Meetup at the University of Technology


Most of our readers are familiar with blockchain technology and Holo chain where we discussed investment opportunities. That said, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Panayiotis Christodoulou and Prof. Andreas Andreou at the University of Technology in Cyprus where they presented Holo chain technology to third-year University Students.

Holo chain VS Blockchain

Before getting into the subject, if you missed our last publication regarding Holo chain, you can find it HERE.

holo chainDr. Panayiotis Christodoulou explained to its 19 third year developer students the difference between blockchain and Holo chain. The lesson was in Greek and probably will make no sense for many of our readers. However, luckily for you, I do speak Greek, and I will share with you what happened during the lesson.

The lesson started as explaining the blockchain technology where fresh and eager students engaged in debating the pros and cons. That said, in our previous article, we did cover the same subject regarding blockchain and Holo chain.

From the development point of view, the code of Holo chain is much simpler than blockchain. Dr. Panayiotis together with Prof. Andreas Andreou walk the students on the importance of application development on Holo chain.

Cyprus Holochain Meetup on November of 28, 2018

During the presentation students engaged in a live Q&A with non-other than Philip Beadle, Holo chains Chief Engineer. Philip was kind enough to answer all the questions the students had regarding the project.

Philip is from Australia and the time frame was not a problem since he probably canceled his development daily routine to answer our questions.

Students learned the difference where Holo chain takes an agent-centric approach as opposed to the blockchain. Similarly, Philip also explained the Distributed Hash Table where students learned the validation rules.

holo chainDHTs enables the keys/values pair storage and retrieval across many machines. The validation rules are the hashes of data themselves, and they confirm what you’re getting. So, that means they have no other means to confirm authenticity, timeliness, integrity or the provenance of the data source.

How can Holochain Help People

First and most important people own their data and control their identity by connecting applications to suit their needs. Similarly, carrying out transactions without centralized systems and the ability to build lighter, faster and cheaper applications.

The simplest way to describe Holo chain is to look at different problems with many eyes as oppose to blockchain where many eyes are looking at the same problem.

Secondly, the data on blockchain is discarded while on Holo chain the data is stored and considered valuable.

Holoports is the third reason that can only be described as plug and play personal servers. Using those holoports will allow you to earn holo fuel by bootstrapping the network and reducing energy consumption.

Today’s Students the Future of Tomorrow

Technology is growing and improving on a daily basis, and the demand for brilliant developers is growing. On November 28, of 2018 during the Holo chain presentation we wittiness that Cypriot students of the University of Technology have those traits.

Even if just the beginning of their developing journey I’m sure they will prove to be valuable assets within the Holo chain development environment.

We will like to thank the University of Technology in Cyprus, Dr. Panayiotis together with Prof. Andreas Andreou for having us. Last but not least thank you Philip Beadle for clearing out most of the students’ confusion on how Holochain is different and better from blockchain.

If you’re a freelancer developer, this might be the perfect opportunity for becoming part of Holochain community HERE.

As for our readers, we will continue our journey together with Holo chain and successfully identify it as an investment opportunity.