Holochain – HOT Token


Holochain Token Review and Potential Market Prices

Holochain was released on May 26, 2018, as the Alpha 1 product and encountered a small delay in Q1 for its ICO launch. HOT Is not an initial coin offering like most ICOs but an initial community offering as per Arthur Brock’s statement.

holochainHolochain currency designs are not about coins it’s not coin or token centric but agent-centric. Even though for the ICO they offered temporary erc20 tokens. Their function was to act as a receipt for the fuel purchased. That receipt was then redeemed after Holochain ICO launch where account got credited.

Holochain has built a strong community since its launch and it looks like it will grow even more in the following years. Holochain crowdfunding campaign started in Q4 of 2017 with the release of Alpha 0 and Alpha 1.

In Q1 of 2018 Alpha, 2 was launched, including high-level application development framework and pluggable governance.

Holochain Pushed their Development and Delivered Every Quarter

Since we are in Q4 of 2018 Holochain will run 30.000 host devices with an outstanding number of nodes. This achievement greatly surpassed the number of Bitcoin nodes. Peer-to-Peer applications on Holochain reached over 50 apps and more than 10.00 users. This includes apps that don’t require paid hosting.

I’m not a developer nor attempted to write code, however, reviews and talks regarding Holochain code is something we never saw before. For the past six months, I kept on reading how development is going and if they are on schedule. The reason for that is quite simple. Like any investor, I was looking for opportunities and Holochain “blinked” on my radar. From an investment point of view, HOT is still a fairly young token making its debut.

HOT Token Price for the past Six Months

ICO starting date was March 29, 2018, and raised over 30,500 ETH, at a price of $0,0002 for 1 HOT. Not much of a performance you might say however, its crowdsale was happening on a bearish market. I personally got a couple of thousands of coins on June 25, 2018, when the price was $0,0004. Well since I missed the crowdsale I had only one option to buy Holochain tokens from exchanges. HOTs highest value was recorded on May 06, 2018 with a price of $0,0019.

Holochain Network Services

Spreading from ICO benching to networks we can identify a vast variety of products where you can find new ICO listings and much more. Holochain services on its decentralized hosting platform will enable applications to serve mainstream media users.

holochainICObench is designed for blogs for ICOs where you can find many articles and press releases. Users can get ICO listings and access to Bounties, whitelists, crypto assets, experts and advisers. With so many powerful tools at your disposal, the best course of action is to invest ONLY if you understand. After some more intensive research, I have come across the Advisory team which is surprisingly BIG. The list is formed by the top experts and influencers in the world of crypto who contributed in Holochain community.

Technical Analysis for Holochain Tokens

Overall solid project with massive potential where traders and investors can see healthy returns bringing us to our technical analysis for Holochain.

The reason for doing only the technical analysis is because the information above is sufficient for fundamental analysis. It is safe to assume that on that regard Holochain performed surprisingly well considering the ICO launch delayed that happen on a bear market.

holochainFollowing the initial price of $0,0002 at crowdsale and $0,0004 after launch, the current price is $0,0010 that’s 5 times more. Even in a bear market Holochain token is transiting between the support line at $0,0008 and resistance of $0,0014. In terms of trade volume, Holochain has created in the past 24 hours over $2.6 million and a market cap of over $138 million. Total supply at the time of this analysis was 177.619,433,541 HOT tokens and a total circulating supply of 133,214,575,156 Hot tokens.

With a bull run upcoming HOT might jump to a price of $0,1 per token until December and $0,2 per token by end of January. Only a bull run and trading volume increase will not be enough so more involvement from users and new investors will defiantly push HOT on the top.
From an investment point of view, Holochain is on my portfolio since June 25, 2018, and it will remain there for a couple of more years.
Concluding our article, Holochain deserves a well-earned spot in our portfolios with a potential of 100 times returns.
Before jumping on and invest in Holochain please do your own research.

Like always I wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!