Litecoin Price Predictions for 2019


We are getting closer to seeing Charlie Lee’s Litecoin price predictions which came in a moment when Litecoin riched the 85 USD. Back in July this year 2018. By the time of writing this text, Litecoin is trading at 35.38 USD, climbing the 8.78% of winning today.

Also noticeable is the market Cap, which is 2,099,842,796 USD — around 480,214 BTC. Today 59,353,424 LTC are in circulation, and there cannot only exist more than 84,000,000 LTCs. Charlie Lee predicted that Litecoin would reach the 400USD “soon.”

Let’s break this, to explain a bit about Litecoin:

In short LTC, or with the symbol Ł. Litecoin, defined as a point-to-point cryptocurrency and an open source software project. It works under the MIT / X11 license, and Charlie Lee created and developed it.

Litecoin price predictions remain hidden in the “soon.”

Lets now try to unveil the possibility of such prediction to happen.

Although some altcoins are gaining prestige and global relevancy with each passing day. Bitcoin remains with not a doubt the king in a market with a greater appreciation of the benefits that cryptography and blockchain technology can provide.

But is it room there for Litecoin to grow, and solidify their ads as successful businesses?

Litecoin is giving the impression to be the preferred option for smart investors in this everyday growing cryptographic universe. The industry leader since 2009 being the Bitcoin, and Litecoin might be the best, yet the safest, and the one with the most unveil potential comparing it with all other altcoins.

For starters, it is clear Litecoin transaction times are way faster than Bitcoin. Which generally takes around 10 minutes to complete an operation. Litecoin stops the clock in 2.5 seconds. The number can be significantly lower. Ethereum, another critical cryptographic network on the planet, also has network and speed problems.

What did Investors say about the Litecoin price predictions for 2019?

litecoin price predictionsRegularly traders talk about Litecoin and its main competitors, the Bitcoin, the Dash, Ripple, and Ethereum.

But after all, what does the future hold for these cryptos?
Specifically, what is the Litecoin price predictions for this 2019 nocking at the door? Could it be possible to Litecoin, continuing the recent uptrend?
Could Litecoin surpass the forecast stated this year by Charlie Lee?

Experts from several circles pointed out to Litecoin, by arguing that currently marketed remains at approximately 35.38 USD, and the possibilities to reach new heights in 2019 is not something to bet on it. Some investors talk about an increase which can bring its value to the range of $ 500 or $ 600, a huge percentage growth if maintained.

Base on the current price action and the market sentiment for the last six months. I don’t think that a Litecoin price of 400 USD is close, neither in 2019 or 2020.

Now, here my Litecoin price predictions: The Price of Litecoin might be reaching new highs around 2021, last months possibly. My support for this is the significant transformation coming for CPU and GPU industry for those months, surrounding the 3D manufacturing technology, for this year is when the 3D CPU and GPU are expected. For that time computing power will make it easier for miners to reach a bitcoin block. Thus it will create a momentum for other cryptos to stand out up to show the alternatives they represent. Which might provoke more demands, which brings about more interest to the old markets cryptos players. Then Litecoin forecast might come to pass and break the 400 USD and, yes, entirely possible to continue scaling up to the 500 USD or a surprisingly 600USD to then, start a downward trend.

Because if the computing power will demotivate bitcoin miners to keep mining, the same Litecoin price prediction future will have to face and might start to slow down to find a steady price of around 100 USD.

The first is the growth of Bitcoin and futures trading. We can safely say that any positive progress in the Bitcoin community directly benefits Litecoin, not only because it leaks to Litecoin and other cryptos, but also because additional traffic within the Bitcoin network increases transaction fees and clogs the system, provoking the migration towards the Litecoin project.

Besides, there is a massive influx of users in Coinbase which offer cryptocurrencies like Litecoin.

litecoin price predictionsCoinbase adds 100,000 new users per day; it is a positive gain. No doubts these new millions of users will play a vital role next the coming year 2019 for Litecoin, but in my opinion, not to boost it to 400 USD, it might reach 110 USD top.

Also, people are starting to turn around with Litecoin: they are beginning to understand that, in some way, it is similar to Bitcoin, but it is also faster and involves significantly cheaper transaction rates, to name one example.

The Litecoin network invites users who want quick and fast solutions that include cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and since they are now famous, they will not want to miss the revolution. As a result of this phenomenon, people prefer alternatives like Litecoin than those that require more careful investigation.

Now, Charlie Lee’s prediction is in front of mine. I have to disagree about the 400 USD for Litecoin next year. But that doesn’t mean I disagree with Charlie Lee’s prediction since he explicitly said the word “soon,” and because of that he is covered, and so do I.

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