How to mine bitcoin


With the rapid advancement of technology, finance has begun to develop alongside it. In the world we live in today almost everyone is seeking different ways in which to invest, multiply, and or save their money. Back in 2009 when introduced the Bitcoin, gradually it became evidence of this need.

To understand what mining is and how to mine bitcoin, you must know what bitcoins are and how the cryptocurrencies work. Bitcoins are a decentralized form of electronic cash. You can call it digital cryptocurrency, which means, not regulated by any central bank.

A principal component for the success of bitcoin is the accuracy and the methods in which the currency has been released over time. Mining satisfies both of these tasks because miners need to complete specific tasks To find and obtain bitcoins.

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is a process whereby the verification of transactions takes place as they will be into the public ledger called the blockchain. It also represents the way to create new bitcoins. Participating in mining requires adequate hardware and access to the internet.

How to mine bitcoin involves the compilation of recent transactions into a series of blocks and then attempting to solve challenging computerized puzzles. The person managing to work out the problem first put the next block on the blockchain and declare the rewards. The incentives of mining include both the fee for the transactions compiled in the blocks plus newly released bitcoin as a reward.

Followed stages

1. Verify the validity of the transaction
2. Bundle the operation into a block.
3. Insert into the new block the most recent header as a hash.
4. Solve the proof of work problem.
5. Once the problem solved, a new block now goes to the local blockchain and it propagates to the network.


Aiming to control the number of blocks found by miners each day, bitcoin mining comes intentionally designed to be challenging enough. The proof of work determines the validity of an individual block. Each time other bitcoin nodes receive a block, they verify the evidence of work.

What is proof of work?

Proof of work is data that is time-consuming and costly to produce to meet specific requirements. It must be insignificant to verify whether the data fit the said requirements. The production of proof of work could easily be a random procedure that has a very low probability. This happens for many trial and errors needed to quired before the generation of a valid proof of work. The bitcoin itself makes use of the hashcash proof of work.

Here is what you need.

First and foremost, you will need a bitcoin wallet. Every wallet needs to have its bitcoin address, which is unique. The wallet merely an online bank account which encrypted and stores your rewards during the mining procedure. Apart from the wallet, you also need to have the right tools. Over the past few years, these tools have changed immensely.

Let us have a quick break down.

CPU/GPU bitcoin mining. In the early years, miners used to rely on regular CPUs for mining. At that time, these basic computers were powerful enough to carry out the required tasks. As time passed, it became more difficult to crack the codes, and an alternative came up: GPU mining on graphics cards.

GPUs were almost 100 times more efficient than the CPUs, and with bitcoin mining faster means further success. Moreover, Other various cryptocurrencies could also result in mined using GPU. However, as time went by, we find faster and more robust options.

Find out more about the specifications of software and hardware needed before engaging in this great act.