Crypto Bull Run 2019 – What Will Trigger It?


When will the next crypto bull run happen? It has been more than a year now since the last one and most traders and investors are itching to have that exciting experience again.  We can all agree that what the crypto market has been through in the last year; a bull run is just what the doctor ordered.

What is a crypto bull run?

For those who may not know, a crypto Bull Run is a period when cryptocurrency prices are rising dramatically so to speak. The term comes from a traditional stock concept of a bull market, where a crypto bull is optimistic about prices. So a crypto bull run is basically a price rally upwards. After having such dull year investors are anticipating another bull run in 2019. But will it happen?

Following are a few things that may trigger a crypto bull run in 2019.

1. More companies are incorporating blockchain.

We have already witnessed prestigious companies investing a lot of their companies investing a lot of their money in blockchain technology and its development. Companies such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, JP Morgan and so on, competing with each other in the ‘offer crypto services’ race. It may be that this time around the crypto Bull Run is driven by companies’ fear of missing out (FOMO).

2. The approval of bitcoin ETFs

This is also related to the first point just because; Bitcoin ETFs are quite appropriate for institutional investors. Therefore it makes sense that when a Bitcoin ETF is approved organizations will start investing more of their money into Bitcoin. Furthermore, the hype from the Bitcoin ETF will essentially drive up the rate of overall Bitcoin Buying. The combination of these two points will indeed cause the price of Bitcoin to Surge. Resulting in a possible crypto bull run.

3. The Launch of Bakkt

Well, what do you know! Bakkt also has to do with institutional investors. It is a derivative of the parent company (ICE) InterContinental Exchange, and it aims to increase the adoption of Bitcoin and its use in the real world. For this reason, I believe it may contribute massively to the start of the next Bull Run.

4. Stable coins

Because stable coins enable investors to get a hold of more cryptocurrencies; their use when up quite a bit in 2018; without being affected much by the volatility that Bitcoin comes with. All in all stable coin encourages the safety of cryptocurrency investments. Therefore, this safety aspect will inevitably attract more people to cryptos in 2019. And with more purchases of Bitcoin, the value is sure to go up, therefore triggering a huge growth in the market and the ultimate Crypto Bull Run.

5. Amazon

In essence, if any well-known Tech company were to start using cryptocurrencies in its system in whatever way, the prices of leading coins would skyrocket without a doubt. However, even though Amazon has already been experimenting with blockchain Technology, it seems that it is also considering accepting crypto payments in the near future. This is also a contributing factor to the next Crypto Bull Run.

Three top cryptocurrencies to look out for in the next Crypto Bull Run whenever it happens.


Well of course! For anyone who has been in the cryptocurrency scene for a bit, you know that Bitcoin has got to be on the top of this list. No matter what Bitcoin has gone through it remains the father of all cryptos. And it is by far the most influential cryptocurrency that everyone is rooting for. It may have had some concerning lows, but Bitcoin has a cycle, and experts believe that it will continue that cycle and reach greater heights in the coming Crypto Bull Run.


The other crypto that is likely to do well in the next Bull Run is XRP. Ripple deserves a round of applause for going through accusations, Lawsuits, and suspicions and coming out of it a champ. Now the coin is popularly recognized in the banking and financial institution sector all over the world. After overtaking Ethereum again this year in terms of market cap, the next Bull Run will really spike its price.


Last but not least, TRX, the coin that has progressed the most in the last year. Tron has received tremendous publicity lately, and it has also had quite some partnerships. It may have a pretty low price right now, but a crypto bull run will fix that.

Conclusion – When will the next crypto Bull Run happen?

To be honest, no one really knows when the next Bull Run will start, but, it comes strong. On the other hand, I think that perhaps this bear market was necessary for the crypto market. And whenever the next Crypto Bull Run is, hopefully soon, I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be epic.