Ripples Wallet, get profit from this digital currency


What are Ripples?

Since the impressive growth of its capitalization last May, Ripples continues to be talked about. Between hostile detractors and fervent supporters, raises questions, and yet many individuals still do not know the specificity of this digital currency, and the differences from Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Founded in 2012, the American start-up Ripples Lab are responsible for the creation of the Ripple.

Often confused with cryptocurrency, Ripples are an inter-bank payment network that allows you to make cross-border transactions instantly and cheaply, in any currency. This digital currency is therefore for institutions, not individuals.

Its operation is based on a consensus protocol, the RPCA, and a token, the XRP. When we refer to the crypto-currency “Ripple”, we therefore in reality designate the XRP.

It should be noted that it is not mandatory to have XRP to perform transactions on the Ripples network. Very inexpensive, the XRP is nevertheless extremely competitive in the cross-border payments market and remains a preferred solution for banks.

With a current capitalization of $ 7,549,135,590, the XRP is today the third largest cryptocurrency in the world, after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Ripples strength

The main advantage of this digital currency is the acceleration of cross-border inter-bank transactions, which can take place in 2 to 5 seconds, when secure messaging Swift, main tool of the banks until now, makes this type of transfers over 2 to 6 days .

Being a customer of a bank using the Ripples network, it is therefore possible to make international transfers instantaneously (provided that the transfer is to a bank also using the network).

Faster, but also more secure than Swift, Ripples takes only a very low commission on each transaction and is therefore undeniably more interesting than its competitor.

Ripples Wallet creation

To secure its cryptocurrencies, there is other ways that leaving them on trading platforms (Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex or other).

It is therefore possible to create a portfolio to keep secure your Ripples for several years. At present, there are several types of portfolios to manage cryptocurrencies:

  • The online portfolio
  • The mobile wallet and office wallets
  • The paper wallet
  • The wallet hardware

Create a Portfolio Online

The first solution is the simplest, but also the least secure. It consists of creating online Ripples portfolio, through a specialized provider.

The Gatehub platform offers this possibility, while leaving the possibility to its users to trade XRP. It is also possible to go through XRPwallet, slightly more intuitive.

The online wallet works with a private key to secure access to your Ripples. More secure than a simple trading platform, this type of portfolio is not 100% reliable and may have security vulnerabilities. If the risk of hacking or stealing your password is low enough, you should keep this possibility in mind.

Create Ripples wallet on your phone or computer

It is also possible to create a wallet on your phone or computer.

Regarding mobile apps, Apple validated in August Toast Wallet, especially developed for Ripples, and already very popular with Android users.

The most used desktop portfolio for Ripple is Ripex, compatible on Mac, Windows and Linux.

These solutions are interesting and more secure than web wallets. Nevertheless, a phone can still be stolen, and the infection of your computer with malware can put your Ripples wallet at risk.

It is therefore wise to turn to paper wallets or hardware wallets.

Ripples paper wallet

A paper wallet guarantees secure access to your Ripple wallet thanks to two QR codes: one to send your Ripples to the paper address, another to remove them.

To create a paper wallet, simply log on to and generate a new address. You will then need to print both QR codes and addresses, and keep your paper safe, as safe as possible. Without this paper, you will not be able to access your Ripples.

The paper wallet has the advantage of being free, while being more secure than a mobile wallet or office wallet, but can nevertheless be lost, degraded, or accidentally destroyed. The safest way to create your Ripples wallet thus remains by far the hardware wallet.

Create a Ripple hardware wallet

A hardware wallet keeps your private key on an embedded chip in the form of a USB key.

This is the safest way to secure the Ripple you got: even if you have a virus or malware, you can not access your private key. The safety of this type of material has a cost: about 60 euros for the Ledger Nano S, leader in the market.

Two cold wallets have become market leaders: The Ledger Nano S and the Trezor. Count around 100 € to acquire this type of secure storage solution.