Russian banks online, The Soviet revolution and its new Offers


Money is everywhere. Transfers via Telegram, Watches with a mini-card, and other surprising services, this is part of the offers by the Russian banks online.

The operation of Russian banks online often surprises foreigners. Financial organizations continually expand their range of complementary services, while their fees are usually lower than those of foreign banks.

Russian banks online in search of new customers are opting for the net. They find their original audiences. Today, Russia can be proud to be the largest online bank in the world in terms of the number of customers. Besides, Russia has created the most functional Internet application, according to the Global Finance 2016 ranking. It was designed by Sberbank.

1The Net and the mobile connection in Russia banks online

Banks are no longer traditional banks, as we used to know. Russian banks online become technology companies that provide a full range of customer services. The expert Max Kozlov, managing director of Fabrika Yusabiliti, explains that the development of mobile and online banking can increase the yield of financial activities.

Payment of public services, usual bills, and other services. And it reduces the workload of bank branches and their costs. The customers no longer need to visit land-based agencies.

Market players believe in terms of choices of functions and quality of interfaces. Russian banks online have outstripped Western banks. Max Kozlov points out that in the United States, the complimentary services are offered by some startups, while Russian banks online prefer to integrate these functions. The main point is to give them more control and development margins.

For Konstantin Jerebtsov, managing director of the FinTech Conomy company, the development of complementary services has become an indispensable weapon in the battle for customers. They are witnessing mass hunting, the accumulation of people, and traffic. That’s why Russian banks are launching exceptional financial services and products to maximize their clientele.

RBTH, another Fintech company, has learned that in addition to low-cost text notification and push notifications in mobile applications. Russian banks online offer a range of complementary options.

2Mobile Banking and Russian Progress

Mobile banking is the flagship product at the moment. The application works on different operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows Phone.  And it allows you to perform operations directly from your mobile.

Sberbank’s mobile bank currently offers the best application in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the Global Finance magazine’s 2016 ranking. It allows for instant transfers, utility settlements, fines, taxes, and more. Mobile communications. You can create templates to make payments or activate an automatic payment service.

Expenditure analysis is one of the most requested functions, as well as the Consulting service for the Russian banks online. Based on the user’s actual and programmed expenses, as well as his bank assets, the system makes personalized recommendations.

3Custom design cards and other innovations

Another popular service of the Russian banks online is the design of credit or debit cards. We can customize them. The client can use the image of his choice – his photography, pets, nature, exotic landscapes, etc. Really Amazing.Watches equipped with mini-cards

One of the largest Russian banks, Alfa-Bank, offers its customers the AlfaPay watch. This watch is fitted with a mini-smart card. To pay, simply put the clock on the terminal PayPass: the required amount will be deducted from the account attached to the clock.

Other innovation: Subway rides. In the Moscow metro, you can adjust the journey by putting your bank card on the turnstile. Among the Russian banks online that offer this service, we can name VTB24 and Sberbank, using PayPass / PayWave technologies.

4Russian banks online and other features

Tax-free! Some Russian banks online offer a simplified tax refund service after a trip abroad. Alfa-Bank customers can recover up to 19% VAT on purchases in Europe in 48 hours. For this, you must download the receipt of the investment in the dedicated mobile application.

The system will write the declaration, which will then have to be certified at the airport. The document and receipts must be sent to the bank, who will then return the VAT to the account.

Transfers via the Telegram app. Tinkoff Bank offers its customers the possibility of transferring money to a telephone number via Telegram messaging. Transfers can be made on the cards of all banks. Documents in the notebook

Tinkoff Bank also offers the VKarmane service (In the pocket), a “safe for personal data.” This is a particular application that keeps the details of the ID, driver’s license, bank cards, etc. The service proposed will help you find information when you fill out forms in other applications and will notify you of the expiration of your documents and cards.

And the last but for sure not the least. The payout for distances traveled. Alfa-Bank transfers money from the current account to the Activity Savings Account based on the number of meters traveled in the day. For this, you will need a connected wristband and the RunKeeper mobile app. The bank pays 5.8% a year on the accumulated amount on the account.

The Russian banks online have definitively a lot to surprise us.

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