How to Spend Bitcoins


The current market sentiment is in decline with more downs than ups. One of the most asked question is how to spend bitcoins and most importantly what is the best method today. Based on research with regards to the crypto market sentiment, only 28% are willing to sell their cryptocurrencies. Investors who got in recently prefer to cut their losses and looking for ways on how to spend bitcoins.

Today We Will Look for The Best Ways of Spend Bitcoins

The first method on how to spend your bitcoins online is by purchasing goods or services. This can be easily done from retailers that accept bitcoin as payment or other cryptocurrencies. The list of retailers is quite big and it allows you to choose from a variety of goods and services. If you like to travel, then it’s easy to spend bitcoins by purchasing flight tickets from or Similarly, you can spend bitcoins when dining with KFC Canada or have a pint of beer. When it comes down on spending bitcoins online, remember that is not available in every country. However, most of the services are available in the U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Gentlemen, the adult industry will solve your problem if you’re looking at the fastest way to spend BTC. Another way of how to spend bitcoins are software services from Microsoft.

Choose wisely How to Spend Your Bitcoins

Avoid being scammed when you are looking for ways on how to spend bitcoins fast. Remember that Dark Web exists and I strongly recommend to stay away from dodgy websites. A lot of the scams nowadays are cryptocurrency based where you can infect your computer with ransomware viruses. It’s enough for you to visit a website while searching for how to spend bitcoins. Instead of you actually spending BTC online you will give it to scammers and hackers for free.

How to Spend BitcoinsStay alert while searching on how to spend bitcoins and NEVER fall for exchange cryptos here and get 15% more. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where people will lie or do anything to get your money. Avoid sending your wallet address or private keys by emails or SMS when you want to spend bitcoins online.

The BEST Option on How to Spend Bitcoins is Crypto to Fiat Wallets

Chose from the best crypto to fiat wallets and your problem of how to spend bitcoins will disappear. Probably, our readers will remember the article published some months ago when we reviewed the best crypto to fiat solution.

WireX, Revolut, and Upay Card are the less expensive methods if you’re looking to convert crypto to fiat. This will definitely prove to be more efficient, less expensive and faster way to spend bitcoins online. The wallets come with a VISA credit card that you can order for free after opening the wallet. Like any other credit card, you can use it anytime and anywhere. Using the building application will unlock all the feature and allow you to exchange crypto to fiat and vice versa. Now you can exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to fiat or even use the wallet to store it.


Ultimately it is up to individuals to choose how to spend their bitcoins. From a conservative point of view, it is safe to assume that history repeats itself.

Don’t be like the guy who spends bitcoins online for pizza.

Laszlo Hanyecz ordered from Papa John’s two pizzas and paid 10,000 bitcoins back on May 22, 2010, celebrating ever since the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

How to Spend BitcoinsIf you’re close to a Bitcoin ATM use it to spend your bitcoins or exchange it to fiat.

Spend your bitcoins if all hope is lost and think twice if it’s the right decision. Those who are still HODLing crypto won’t spend bitcoins online but when the time comes we will exchange some.

I’m not looking to spend my bitcoins just yet. Call me naïve but I still believe in the future of crypto and looking forward to next year Q3 bull-run.