Starbucks Crypto Payments Accepted – And Others Follow Suit


Starbucks crypto – ever wondered when the time would come where you could buy yourself a cup of coffee using Bitcoin? Well, wonder no more because that time has come. One of the largest if not the largest coffee company in the world, Starbucks, now accepts crypto payments. However, they are not the only ones! The growth of bitcoin has encouraged companies to accept crypto payments, and we love it.

Crypto good news keeps coming!

If you were skeptical about crypto before and did not want to be part of “the bubble” I bet you are changing your mind now aren’t you? I would if I were you! Because the good crypto news just keeps coming. First Bitcoin hits new highs for 2019 just this month alone, and now some large retailers are joining in on the action.

Starbucks, Nordstrom, eBay, and wholefoods are now accepting crypto payments. This increase in companies accepting crypto payments is going to do wonders for mainstream adoption. Read more about eBay if you haven’t already.

If Starbucks was the place to be, and they seem to have a very loyal customer base… We can imagine now all of them like:

starbucks cryptoHow to buy your Starbucks with crypto

With the aid of the partnership between the payments start-up, Flexa and the crypto exchange Gemini; customers can now simply flash their phones at the cashier and Voila! They have bought their Starbucks using an apple pay-like app. Let me explain to you how easy it is.

So all you have to do is install Flexa’s Spedn mobile app and once you have done that, make sure to top up your wallet with some crypto to make a payment. the app supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. Now when you get to the Starbucks cashier just hold up your phone that has the app and you are good to go. The Starbucks cashier does not even need to know that you are paying with crypto because; as the retailer receives his payment Gemini handles the conversion, whether it is crypto or fiat currency.

Spedn Unexpected Debut

Cameron Winklevoss of the Winklevoss twins played a big role in leaking this news by demonstrating the use of their Spedn app paying for their Starbucks in crypto. In the process of doing that Cameron could not contain his excitement; he did not cover the Starbucks logo as he was supposedly asked to do.

Moreover, just the day before a representative of Starbucks had just been saying that they are considering, maybe accepting crypto payments in the future; so we were not accepting news like this so soon, but here we are. Nevertheless, after making a crypto payment at Starbucks and showing how easy it is to use their spending app Cameron proudly said;

“finally we are realising the promise of crypto payments, it has taken a while but as you can see for yourself we are here. It is a complete win for the merchants. This transaction was effectively free.”

We accept crypto, but we don’t want anyone to know?

As much as cryptocurrency enthusiasts are excited about the increasing number of established companies that are accepting crypto; some of these companies are not quite confident about putting it all out there.

There are more companies that have jumped on the crypto acceptance train that I have mentioned, these include; Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, Baskin Robbins, Crate and Barrel, Office Depot, Jamba Juice, GameStop and many others. However, none of them is willing to make any statements or comments to media outlets. Starbucks in particular as I mentioned before, is not ready to be associated with crypto and the Spedn app for whatever reason.


Worldwide adoption is something that all of us crypto lovers are looking forward to in the long run, and it seems to be happening faster than we imagined. It is exciting to see large retailers coming around and realising that Bitcoin and Crypto are here to stay; even though the confidence is not a hundred per cent there yet, it is a start.
Looking forward to more splendid news, stay tuned!

PS: Starbucks on Game of Thrones

In case you missed it, folks, here you have an awesome detail that must not ever be forgotten. Did Daenerys buy Starbucks with her Bitcoin?!