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The user of the website when entering or using the services offered on this website, expressly accepts the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Copyright of this website.A user is a person who accesses, navigates, uses or participates in the services and activities, free or oppressive, developed on the website

The website is a digital edition of free access of the crypto-based website FINSOF.

finsofThe website and its content are the sole property of FINSOF.NET, with address Οδός Πάφου 203, Κάτω Πολεμίδια, Limassol 4152; Cyprus.

it is forbidden the total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, transformation. Similarly, the storage or access through analog, digital or any other system, technology created or to be built, without prior written authorization from The user can visualize all elements, print, copy and store them on the hard disk of his/her personal computer or on any other physical support provided that it is, solely and exclusively, for his/her own and private use, being, therefore, strictly forbidden the use for commercial purposes, distribution, as well as modification, alteration or decompilation.

FINSOF, offers contents included in this website on its behalf and on its behalf, without assuming any responsibility for the legality, reliability, usefulness, honesty, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the same.

The contents of this website, components, links and any material cannot be copied.

Under any circumstances may the content of this website be sold, rented, duplicated, published, distributed by any means, stored, retransmitted or in any other way transferred independently that is excessive or free, without the prior and writing authorization of

The website may not be used for any immoral or illegal purpose. The data that is entered for these purposes will be eliminated immediately.

FINSOF will take legal actions that both the current legislation in Cyprus and the applicable International Law if unauthorized access to contents, databases or services of is spotted.

Information on copyright and intellectual property

All the Material used within is protected under the Copyright. You agree that any copy of material (partial or complete) that you may retain will be governed by copyright. Publications of any sorts it is strictly prohibited without the express authorization of the owner.

Any person who believes that one or more of the materials appearing on this website violates an intellectual property right

Such violations that belong to him/her must send to FINSOF written and signed the claim, attaching the following information:

a) Firstly, name address, telephone number and email address of the claimant. If acting through a representative, the representative, and accreditation of the power by which it serves.
b) Secondly, a bright, accurate and complete indication of the materials included in this web website. The same signs that allegedly violate the intellectual property of the claimant and its location on this website.
c) Thirdly, expression of the grounds on which the claimant bases its intellectual property right on the materials referred above. Declaration in which the claimant expresses that his intellectual property right over the elements referred to in the letter.

Once FINSOF verifies the accuracy of the claim, recognition of the author will be able to carry out by the Law orders.

Trademark Law industrial property rights is a registered domain owned by FINSOF. All images and logos that appear on the website are the property of FINSOF or third parties that have authorized us to include and use these materials. Without prior express authorization of the corresponding owner, its use is prohibited.

Please click HERE for more information regarding trademark laws.

Such violations of rights are prosecuted civil and, where appropriate, criminally, under national laws and applicable international treaties.

FINSOF expressly prohibited the modification and transmission of this website for commercial or public dissemination purposes before express signed agreement or collaboration.

The data contained in this website are the exclusive property of FINSOF and any inappropriate links to this website will be prohibited.

Opinion Articles

Articles of opinion and all those related are of entire responsibility of their authors. FINSOF does not support any point of view expressed in such reports.

Exemption clauses of responsibility

FINSOF expressly disclaims any liability for materials found on this website, which may be inappropriate according to the legislation of third countries. Access to such materials from countries or areas where their contents are illegal or prosecuted civil or criminally is prohibited.

Those who access this website from other countries or territories do so on their initiative and will be responsible for strict compliance with local or international laws that may be applicable. FINSOF will not accept any responsibility for the access of third parties to any section or content of this website, as a result of links to it. FINSOF does not accept any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the illegal use that users may make of the contents of this website.

In no case, FINSOF, its suppliers, distributors or other third parties will be liable for damages of any kind

Including, but not limited to, damages resulting from loss of profit, data, interruption of business resulting from the use, impossibility of use or results of the use of this website.

The attached information may contain malfunctions, errors, problems or other limitations. FINSOF assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the content.

FINSOF will put all the means at its disposal and the greatest due diligence,

Preventing and avoid the presence of viruses in the contents, the presence of other elements that may produce alterations in the computer systems, or the electronic documents, digital files, and files stored in a computer system.

The user of this website understands and accepts that FINSOF does not guarantee in any way that text files or graphics available for user download, as foreseen in these notices, will be free of viruses, Trojan horses or codes of contaminating and destructive character; the user is responsible for adopting sufficient measures and checks to guarantee the accuracy of the information downloaded from this website. Similarly, being accountable for the maintenance of any reconstructive means of information, in case of loss of it.

FINSOF is exempt by the user from any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the presence of viruses or other elements harmful to the contents.

Users accept and exonerate Finsof from any damages caused by third-party providers. Such causes may be from the illegal/illegitimate manipulation of the computer systems of the website For example, the detriment of the trust or good faith of the user. In this sense, FINSOF encourages its users to notify us through our various channels on social networks immediately. Similarly, users can notify us via email of any abnormality in the operation or operation of the website

FINSOF does not guarantee the information transmitted by the user to its website, is obtained by an unauthorized 3rd party. Therefore, the user accepts, that will transmit his personal identification information at his own risk.

Access of minors

If minors access the services of FINSOF, this company presumes that they have done so with the proper consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives. Permission from parents or representatives is a must when FINSOF develops sections dedicated to minors. Such actions will comply with current regulations on the protection of minors and adolescents.

Partnerships or associations

After said termination, prohibitions towards the use of contents above will remain in force. The user acknowledges and accepts the following:
1. By entering this website, no type of partnership, association, joint venture, agency.
2. Similarly, no mandate or agreement of any other kind can be established with the owner of this website.

The information appearing on this website about services and products of third parties will not mean the responsibilities of FINSOF. Likewise, any modality, association, society or acceptance of responsibility of FINSOF or together with said advertisers general conditions.

Services provided by third parties through

FINSOF does not guarantee the legality, reliability, and usefulness of services offered by third parties through this website or on which FINSOF only acts as a means of advertising.

FINSOF will not be liable for damages and losses of any kind caused by the services provided by third parties through this website, and in particular, by way of example, those caused by breaching the law, morality or public order.

The incorporation of viruses or any other computer code, file or program that may damage, interrupt or impede the normal operation of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment; infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights, business secrets, contractual commitments of any kind, the performance of acts that constitute illicit, deceptive or unfair advertising and, in general, that constitute unfair competition; the lack of veracity, accuracy, quality, relevance and/or topicality of the content transmitted, disseminated, stored, received, obtained, made available or accessible.


In general, any type of rights of third parties, the inadequacy for any purpose and the disappointment of such expectations.

The infringement of the rights to honor, personal and family privacy and the image of people. Similarly, to personal and family privacy and the image of people or, in general, any rights of third parties. The inadequacy for any purpose and the disappointment of generated expectations, vices and defects created in respect to third parties. Breaches and delays in compliance that are a defective fulfillment or termination for any reason towards obligations on third parties.

Cancellation of service

FINSOF may, at its sole discretion, terminate, suspend or interrupt access to the contents of the website. Similarly, removing the user from its database and prevent access to its website at any time and without prior notice to the user. If the integrity and security of its systems are at risk FINSOF will immediately block access to its website. Likewise, the above applies if violation includes users, third party or related company without the possibility to demand compensation.

After said termination, prohibitions towards the use of contents above will remain in force in these general conditions.

Browser compatibility

Users accept and acknowledge that our website is designed to work better with certain browsers than others. In this sense, users declare not to have any right on any claim. The declaration releases FINSOF from any liability it may have against the user. The best or worst performance of the same browser within this website.

Links to third party sites:

The FINSOF website may contain links to sites operated and maintained by third parties. The confidentiality policies of such internet sites may be different from the confidentiality policies of FINSOF.

FINSOF has not investigated/informed the content, links, origin or operation of the pages referred to in the links. Therefore, is exempt from liability for the content procedures used in said pages that third parties may make them. Even if they have accessed them through this web website. Its said use is for the sole and exclusive account and risk of the user.

FINSOF does not exercise any control over the sites operated and maintained by third parties, websites, products or services. Users are obliged to read the privacy policy of the linked internet sites through the FINSOF website.

FINSOF, whether or not affiliated with pages that may be linked to this website,

Whether such affiliations exists or not, FINSOF will not be responsible for the content of these linked pages.

The linked pages are only for the convenience of the visitor, who contacts them at their own risk.

FINSOF does not guarantee or offer any representation concerning the results and the use of the materials on the website. Likewise, FINSOF does not guarantee the correctness, accuracy, reliability, or any other form from 3rd party providers or itself. The visitor (and not FINSOF) will assume the entire cost of the necessary maintenance, repair or correction services.

The material read by the visitors on the web website of FINSOF is provided solely for news

All material on the website is for informative, promotional and entertainment purposes. The information/opinions expressed in message boards, forums, or others conducted on this website are not necessarily shared by FINSOF. FINSOF will share no representation or guarantee concerning said information or opinions.

FINSOF is not responsible for any loss, damage (whether real, consequential, punitive or other), prejudice, claim, liability. Similarly, any other cause of any kind or character based on or resulting from, any information/opinions provided on the website.