VIB Crypto – Introducing The Music Crypto


Vibes speak louder than words, and VIB crypto is screaming good vibes only! The music crypto, I mean who doesn’t love music right? Imagine a world where all musical talents large or small, can be recognised and appreciated all on one platform. This is the goal VIB crypto is trying to achieve. And as music lovers say “music is life that’s why our hearts have beats”. Keep that in mind as we find out more about what VIB crypto has to offer.

What is VIB crypto?

VIB crypto is a talent ecosystem built on the ethereum blockchain with a focus on live music. It is a platform designed to connect talented musicians to booking agents, to event organisers, to music fans and so on. Viberate has a completely decentralised operating system and aims to eradicate the middle man in the live music industry.

Here are some of its valuable features.

The VIB crypto Marketplace

Viberate is creating an online marketplace, not only for musicians but for booking agencies, fans and others involved. With all the roles in the music industry being digitised the process becomes easier and more desirable. Moreover, the decentralised factor makes it’s more trustworthy and safe.

A massive VIB database

VIB cryptoVIB has a fairly large database with an entire library of up to 300 000 musicians as well as several agencies and venues at their disposal. This is a very big advantage for viberate, and they are using it to unite the entire live music industry on one platform. Which I think is phenomenal.

The VIB crypto reward system

Viberate is backed by its token VIB and that is also where it draws its motivation for growth, therefore those who participate on the platform receive rewards in the form of VIB Tokens. Participation varies from written content to referring a friend that then creates a profile and so on.

How does VIB crypto work?

It is difficult, to sum up how viberate works into one single aspect, seeing as it has so many parts that make it work. The Viberate marketplace is(B2B) business to business as well as (B2C) business to consumer. And its goal is to bring together all the different parts of the live music industry.

The Business to Business market

Viberate is powered by a database that comprises of five different sectors in the industry. These sectors are as follows;

Musicians or performers
Event Organisers
Booking agents

Event organisers and booking agent listings are reserved for a particular audience, while event musicians and venues are available to the public. VIB crypto is developing a way in which all these can come together and connect, and the ultimate incentive is the VIB token. Moreover, the VIB platform acts as a matchmaker, matching musicians with booking agents, event organisers with venues; and all payments are made in VIB token or ETH. Furthermore, Viberate takes a much smaller commission than what booking agents would normally charge.

(B2C) Business to Consumer Market

The fundamental aspects of the B2C side of things include;

Ticket sales

Crowdfunding performances

With the crowdfunding basically, the fans fund their favourite artist’s performances. The fans can even invite their favourite artists to their home town for example and fund his/her performance through the VIB crypto platform. What happens is that the fans stake VIB tokens and when a certain target is reached, the campaign will be sent to social media through viberate for promotion. Therefore, If they raise enough money tickets are distributed, and the artist gets his share; if not, the donors get their refunds. As far as ticket sales, viberate plans to provide their own service for booking tickets in future (DTX) the Digital Ticket Exchange.


VIB crypto is one of a kind, and I believe it has great potential with such a unique and intriguing goal. Nevertheless, it is a relatively new token, and it is anticipated to grow even more in future.